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Truck Trailer Types

Knowing which truck trailer type is the best fit for hauling your load not only improves the accuracy of the FR8Star freight cost estimate, it also helps interested carriers bid accordingly. Taking a moment to determine which trailer would fit your shipping needs best will save you valuable shipping costs and time. The list below features the most common types of truck trailers that FR8Star carriers provide.  See how shippers can benefit from using FR8Star and ship freight hassle-free.

Types of truck trailers: Flatbed

Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed trailers are typically used for loads that do not exceed 8’6″ in height.

Number of combined axels: 5-13

Extendable variants: Yes

Typical weight allowance: 50,000 – 120,000 lb.

Hot Shot Trailer

Hot Shot truck trailer types are typically used for smaller loads or equipment that would be considered partial loads on a commercial truck trailer. These are the type of truck trailers you see attached to a Ford F-350, Ram 3500 or Chevy 3500HD (in no order of brand preference of course.)

Number of combined axels: 4-5

Extendable variants: No

Typical weight allowance: Less than 25,000 lb.

hot shot loads
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Step Deck Trailer

Step Deck or single drop decks are truck trailer types typically used for loads that exceed legal height on a flatbed. This truck trailer type would be used for loads up to 10ft in height.

Number of combined axels: 5-13

Extendable variants: Yes

Typical weight allowance: 70,000 – 140,000 lb.

RGN Trailer

RGN or removable gooseneck truck trailers are typically used for wheeled and tracked loads. This might be a load that requires permits because it’s extremely heavy and tall freight.

Number of combined axels: 5-13

Extendable variants: Yes

Typical weight allowance: 70,000 – 220,000 lb.

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Landoll - Traveling Axle Trailer

Landoll or traveling axle trailers are typically used for loads that can be rolled on the trailer but won’t fit other trailers such as a shipping container. They are not suitable for docks. 

Number of combined axels: 6-7

Extendable variants: N/A

Typical weight allowance: 50,000 – 110,000 lb.

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