Frequently Asked Questions

faq for buyers

FR8Star specializes in hauling loads that weight over 25,000 pounds, which includes oversize/overweight loads. FR8Star’s network of transport companies haul equipment and machinery, such as tractors and dozers, as well as containers, trailers, and other general freight.

Haulers in FR8Star’s network have flatbed, step deck, removable gooseneck (RGN), and Landoll traveling axle trailers ready to go. FR8Star also has access to carriers with hotshot trailers available for loads under 25,000 pounds.

After you’ve entered the details about your load and submitted it for bidding, FR8Star will notify you via email whenever a bid is confirmed and a hauler is available for booking.

Once you’ve received bids on your load, you’ll get an opportunity to see reviews, compare quoted rates, and choose the best option for your business.

FR8Star’s Freight Rate Calculator takes the information you enter and determines the total cost to haul the load, including pilot cars, permits, and other requirements, to give you the most accurate and all-inclusive estimate possible.

FR8Star works with its partnered transport companies to ensure that all carriers have at least $100,000 in cargo insurance, and many carriers have coverage above that figure.

Contact us right away via email or over the phone. FR8Star representatives are standing by to resolve any and all issues.

faq for transport companies

No. All loads available on the FR8Star platform are from customers on,,,,,, and other Sandhills Global trade sites and from new incoming estimate and transport requests that are submitted daily.

The proprietary FR8Star platform, which connects customers via brokers and carriers with the transport company’s needs in mind, saves a great deal of time for everyone concerned. FR8Star estimates permits, pilot cars, etc., so you know exactly what to expect. Other benefits include:

An abundance of quality leads
FR8Star’s Load Board is populated by Sandhills’ industry-leading platforms, including AuctionTime, Machinery Trader, CraneTrader, ForestryTrader, TractorHouse, TruckPaper, and Equipmentfacts.

Exclusive Carrier Load Board for finding appropriate loads
FR8Star’s Carrier Load Board is exclusive to FR8Star carriers. It enables carriers to quickly filter and sort loads by location, shipment type, load/unload method, and special requirements; and to view details about each load. This helps carriers find the loads that are best-suited to their expertise.

Yes. FR8Star’s logistics experts are available to you at every point within the process. They will answer your questions and help you handle any complexities that may arise.

To create a FR8Star account, you will need to pass our automated tests against the data provided by the FMCSA. Complete the registration and FR8Star will handle the rest. From there, FR8Star requires that you provide your certificate of insurance* as well as two dealer references.

* Brokers are required at a minimum to be in Active Authority with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration with a Surety Bond of $75,000 on file under form BMC-84 or BMC-85. Carriers must provide a minimum of $100,000 for BIPD and Cargo coverage.

"Everything was user-friendly on the website. I was very pleased with the personnel I interfaced with over the phone, and the overall service provided was very good. I foresee us using the service again."
Michael Shubin
Environmental Alternatives Inc.
"On FR8Star, you bid your best price once—there’s no guesswork or undercutting to get a load. I also like that FR8Star takes the time to find out just who they are working with and that they want to get to know your company more.” As a carrier, “it’s intense, but you work harder knowing that you’re working to prove your skill set in the industry."
Allen Lau
Sureway Transportation

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