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Thousands of oversize transport carriers qualified to haul your oversize loads. Instant freight rate calculator with full transparency.

Instant oversize load shipping rates that are fully itemized

Guaranteed fair market freight rates using our freight cost calculator. Transparent, all-inclusive pricing with itemized estimates including permits to haul your specialized equipment.

  • Free, instant freight estimates before you book
  • Itemization of permits and all third-party costs
  • Know which truck trailer type is right for your freight to generate the most accurate freight estimate

How It Works

Post Your Load

Provide details about your load, including origin and destination.

Instant Estimates

Get instant estimates and receive free all-in transport bids.

Compare Bids

Review rates, broker ratings and select the one you want to go with.

Brokers Get It Done

The broker reaches out to confirm details and dispatch the truck.

Instant access to oversize transport companies

Gain access to thousands of heavy haul equipment hauling companies and other specialized freight carriers nationwide on our heavy equipment marketplace qualified to haul your heavy equipment.

  • Over 20,000 carriers and brokers available
  • Specialized trailers specific to your freight
  • Flat bed | Hot Shot | Step Deck | RGN | Landoll | Double Drop
Equipment hauling with FR8Star network of 50,000 available trucks. Transparent pricing and freight management tools.

Easily manage your oversize transport freight shipments

Our time-saving tools and automation take the hassle out of finding specialized freight carriers, including oversize trucking companies for equipment hauling.

  • Rate confirmation
  • Proof of delivery

Oversize Load Board

FR8Star streamlines the process for drivers to find loads that meet their needs. Quick filters on our Oversize Load Board make it easy to narrow your search for the loads that meet your specific needs.

10x Your Logistics Team in Seconds

Our team of specialized freight experts is standing by to help you plan and book your oversize shipping.

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