Livestock Shipping

Finding and bidding on loads is easy with FR8Star. On the Load Board, use the drop-down filters to set your shipment type to “livestock.” You can create additional filters such as location (including specific states and mileage ranges within a specific ZIP code), distance (minimum or maximum mileage), and weight as well.

Transporting Livestock

Hauling livestock can be very profitable, but it requires a larger investment of time for each load and drivers who are patient and compassionate with the animals. If you’re interested in adding livestock hauling to your company’s services, click the button below to learn more.

Cattle transported to meadow for grazing.

Transporting Horses

Unlike livestock such as cattle, hogs, and sheep, which are frequently hauled in big groups in large trailers, horses are more often transported in smaller trailers with only two or three animals at a time. Horses require extra, personalized attention during long journeys. Click the button below to learn more.

Horse transported on the highway

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