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We’re improving OS/OW and open deck transport with unparalleled transparency, fair rates for everyone, and time-saving tools.

At FR8Star, shippers moving difficult to fill flatbed, oversize, and overweight loads connect with flatbed and specialized freight transport companies with access to the capacity they need. Competition among the transport companies is guaranteeing fair rates to shippers – and shippers benefit from transport companies’ relationships with experienced transport companies that focus on moving open deck freight.

The pricing is 100% transparent: shippers pay nothing to use FR8Star and transport companies submit their all-in bids. In addition, we provide you with tailored tools for OS/OW and open deck transport to make it as easy as possible to move your freight.

With FR8Star tools, shippers can save time by booking freight instantly and limit costs by comparing bids from transport companies and easily manage their flatbed, oversize and overweight transport. Transport companies get access to the unique FR8Star technology that makes all of this possible.

Our marketplace remains focused on providing transparency and giving transport companies a unique opportunity to expand their business while building capacity for the market, simultaneously making FR8Star more and more useful for shippers as well.

"Everything was user-friendly on the website. I was very pleased with the personnel I interfaced with over the phone, and the overall service provided was very good. I foresee us using the service again."
Michael Shubin
Environmental Alternatives Inc.
"On FR8Star, you bid your best price once—there’s no guesswork or undercutting to get a load. I also like that FR8Star takes the time to find out just who they are working with and that they want to get to know your company more.” As a carrier, “it’s intense, but you work harder knowing that you’re working to prove your skill set in the industry."
Allen Lau
Sureway Transportation

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