Find Loads & Customers With FR8Star Load Boards

The FR8Star platform is built to provide an ideal user experience for both shippers and transport carriers. FR8Star’s heavy haul load board is a critical component to simplifying the job of finding the right loads for brokers and carriers. It’s filterable and sortable by location, shipment type, load/unload method, and special load requirements. Whether you prefer to haul flatbed, hot shot, lowboy, removable gooseneck (RGN), step deck, or partial/half loads, FR8Star’s load board can help you quickly find the best leads for your specific hauling equipment.

FR8Star & Flatbeds

With no sides, top, or rear enclosures, flatbeds provide valuable versatility for transporting oddly shaped and taller loads, such as oversized farm and construction equipment and attachments. The open-deck design also provides flexibility for loading and unloading, as this can be done from all sides, or from above, using forklifts and cranes. Many types of equipment up for bid on FR8Star’s load boards are good candidates for flatbed transportation.

Hot Shot Hauling

Hot shot truckers specialize in time-sensitive loads, usually for situations where failing to deliver items within a certain time period could cause company downtime or even shut down productivity. Freight may include an individual machine, raw materials, or cargo critical to productivity and maintain service. FR8Star’s streamlined communication tools make it easy to provide customers in need of hot shot hauling with express delivery.

Save Customers Money With Your Lowboy

The low-riding nature of lowboy trailers makes them the perfect choice for haulers when transporting loads that would be too tall to legally transport on a standard flatbed. And by moving tall freight with a lowboy, haulers might be able to reduce shipping costs by avoiding over-dimension permits. Lowboy trailers can also support heavy equipment that’s often up for bidding on FR8Star.

Step Up With Step Deck Loads

Step deck trailers offer great flexibility in terms being able to load and unload them from either side, the top, or the rear. And with a bottom deck that’s positioned lower to the ground, step decks can haul loads measuring up to 10 feet (3 meters) high compared to 8.5 ft (2.6 m) for a flatbed while also providing a lower center of gravity. FR8Star’s load board is a great resource to bid on farm and construction machine loads that are well-suited for step deck trailers.

Fill Your Trailer With Partial/Half

FR8Star generally considers partial truckload (PTL) shipments as those measuring less than 12 feet (3.7 meters) in length (for example, a small tractor) and weighing more than 5,000 (2,268 kilograms) or resting on six or more pallets. Overall, any freight that isn’t palletized and weighs more than a few thousand pounds may be eligible for PTL shipping through FR8Star.

Connected To Right Marketplaces

FR8Star is built into numerous Sandhills Global platforms. That means when buyers use websites like,,,,, or another Sandhills site, they have the ability to instantly post the machine to the FR8Star load board. This partnership gives brokers and carriers an opportunity to enter bids and quickly locate loads for customers in immediate need of heavy hauling. Check out the load board today and see how easy to set up and bid on preferred loads based on your hauling preferences.

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