Shipping Vehicles With FR8Star

FR8Star makes it easy to book safe, secure transport for all types of heavy-duty and oversize/overweight (OS/OW) loads, including vehicles. Whether you need to haul an Airstream travel trailer, John Deere tractor, Caterpillar dozer, or Peterbilt truck, FR8Star provides you with free shipping estimates from trusted, experienced shipping companies vying for your bid. Keep reading to learn about the wide range of vehicle types FR8Star can help get moved, common transportation types available, and trailers used to move specific vehicles.

Easy Transport For All Types Of Vehicles

FR8Star’s carrier network features over 20,000 qualified transport companies that know how to move vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and weights—and they’ll ship domestically or overseas. FR8Star simplifies the process of arranging safe, secure transport for cars, pickups, trucks, and trailers, plus large recreation vehicles such as boats, motorhomes, travel trailers, and fifth wheels.


Simply provide some basic information about your load, and FR8Star will provide you with multiple all-inclusive carrier bids that factor in special permits, wide load designations, and other extras that your load may require. Here are a few vehicle types that transport companies commonly haul, and the trailers typically used for each type.


Boats. Flatbed, drop deck, and gooseneck trailers are often used to transport boats, which are sometimes hauled along with the boat trailer on one flatbed.


Dump trucks. Flatbeds are well-suited for standard dump trucks, while larger transfer, side, and off-highway dumpers may require a lowboy or removable gooseneck (RGN).


Recreational vehicles. Along with drive-away and towing services, RV transport is handled using flatbed, drop deck, and gooseneck trailers, which saves miles and wear and tear on the RV.


Trucks. Drive-away and piggyback services are transport options for trucks, as are flatbed, step deck, RGN, and lowboy trailers.  

Common Vehicle Shipping Methods

Along with trailer transport, some FR8Star carriers also provide hot shot trucking service that pairs the trucker’s Class 3 to Class 6 medium-duty truck with a flatbed, drop deck, lowboy, gooseneck, or fifth-wheel trailer to haul light- and medium-sized loads such as a pickup truck.


Drive away service, meanwhile, involves hiring a driver to drive a motorhome, truck, or other vehicle to its destination, typically for a flat rate plus fuel-cost reimbursement. Tow-away service is similar, but involves the driver using a tow truck with appropriate hitch to haul the vehicle. Another potentially cost-effective transport method for trucks is piggybacking, where a lead semi-trailer truck hauls one or more trucks “decked” or stacked behind it.

Get It Shipped With FR8Star

Whether it’s a sailboat, motorhome, utility tractor, or truck you need moved, FR8Star’s service—free to shippers—streamlines all the shipping logistics involved. Just enter all key information about the vehicle, submit a shipping request, and you’ll receive free shipping estimates, often in 30 seconds or less. You’ll then have multiple all-inclusive bids from carriers in FR8Star’s network for comparing. After selecting a bid, FR8Star will connect you with the carrier to finalize the details and ship your vehicle.  

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