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How It Works


Fleet Details

Provide details about your next available truck, its location and frequent lanes and well find you matching loads.

Shipment Details

Tell us about your freight, where it is now and where you need it shipped.

Instant Rate

Get a market-rate freight rate including all permits and third-party costs.

Transparent Pricing

Rates visible for all loads – permits are calculated and included. Keep 100% of the rate.

Carrier Match

Book instantly and we’ll match you with a qualified carrier. Or get bids and decide for yourself.

Get Matched

FR8Star will notify you when loads that match your criteria become available.

Meet your Carrier


Meet your Shipper


Track It in Real Time

Coming soon, watch your freight move in real time with reliable online tracking.

Do Your Thing

You’re the expert here, so we’ll leave the hauling to you.

Relax While We Work

Rest assured, your freight will be in good hands with our carriers while we handle the paperwork.

FR8Star Takes Care of the Paperwork

We generate your sales order, rate confirmation and BOLs for you.

Receive Your Shipment

With FR8Star, your freight arrives on time and is carefully unloaded to your specs.

Get Paid Instantly

You’ll get paid in full at drop-off once you submit your POD – no fees or factoring.