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How It Works


Post Your Load

Tell us what you need shipped, your origin and destination. It takes less than 30 seconds.

Instant Estimate

Get instant estimates – for free!! Estimates are “all-in”, including all permits and third-party costs, so you’re never surprised.

Technology at Work

We’ve partnered with a select group of qualified freight brokers. Our technology help these brokers offer instant estimates on most loads.

Request Firm Bids

When you’re ready, confirm your load details to move forward. We’ll let our broker partners know!

Confirming Bids

The brokers will sharpen their pencils and confirm their bids so you can book them.

Get Notified

FR8Star notifies you anytime a broker has confirmed their bid and made it available for booking.

Accept a Bid

We’ll show you broker reviews and the quotes rate before you. You decide and book for free.

Meet your Broker

Once you’ve accepted a bid, we’ll introduce you to the broker so you can get in touch.


Your freight will be in good hands with the broker you selected. Make sure to double- and triple-check all dimensions with the broker.

The Broker Goes to Work

The broker now matches you up with the right truck. They’ll also confirm all load details with you.

You Pay the Broker

The broker will arrange payment with you. Most brokers require a deposit and change the rest upon delivery.

Trucker Gets Paid

The broker will take care of paying the trucker.