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New Year, New Features On FR8Star

FR8Star has been hard at work making updates and adding new features to continue to meet the needs of transporters and customers alike. Here’s a look at some of the updates so far in 2021.

Shipper Budget
FR8Star now allows customers to decline rates submitted by our transporter network that they feel are out of their range. To help both parties to work together toward an agreement, the customer is asked to provide a budget when creating their request for quote. Customers can also indicate to any declined bidder their budget and/or reason for rejecting a quote.

FR8Star user declining a bid that exceeded their target budget
Customers can decline rates and indicate to the bidder the reason for the rejection.

Multiple Item Loads
The FR8Star system now supports multi-item loads for items at the same pickup location. This allows customers who have bought several items from the same pickup location the ease of creating one clean request for all items to be shipped. Users can easily update from the Confirmation step to add, delete, or edit anything in their current request.

FR8Star user selecting multiple loads at the same pickup location.
Customers can now submit requests for multi-items loads for items at the same pick up location.

Livestock Shipping
FR8Star now supports livestock transport! Whether you haul livestock or need livestock hauled, FR8Star has you covered. FR8Star is looking for qualified livestock haulers and will send over leads through to provide transport services to this market. Registration is free.

FR8Star user selecting livestock to transport.
FR8Star is linked to Qualified livestock haulers who work with FR8Star can receive leads directly from this new online marketplace.

Carrier Board
All loads won on FR8Star are automatically posted to the Carrier Board, giving carriers many more opportunities to bid for brokers’ business. Brokers can also post available loads from leads sourced outside of FR8Star. For overseas transport, shippers can post all details of their load and see contact information, reviews, and history for the freight forwarders competing for their business with all-inclusive bids.

Direct Payments Via FR8Star
Brokers can now pay carriers directly through After a carrier is awarded a load via the Carrier Board, a broker can use the FR8Star platform’s built-in payment processing through CurrencyPay or PayPal to pay the carrier immediately—no more waiting.

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