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Western Star Expands X-Series With Introduction Of 57X Long-Haul Truck

Western Star’s all-new 57X on-highway truck is the most fuel-efficient truck the company has ever built, according to parent company Daimler Truck. The 57X follows the 49X (released in 2020) and the 47X (released in 2021) in Western Star’s X-Series, complementing the vocational models with a design based on the latest Detroit powertrains to maximize highway performance and fuel economy.

“With the addition of the 57X, Western Star’s new X-Series now rises to the next level,” says David Carson, Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) senior vice president of sales and marketing. “While the 47X and 49X serve the vocational customer, the 57X was conceived, designed, and engineered specifically for owner-operators and small fleets looking for a truck that provides the safety, efficiency, durability, and prestige that only Western Star can deliver.”

Cab & Chassis Improvements

Compared to the 5700XE, Western Star’s 57X offers a more aerodynamic design to minimize fuel consumption. In particular, Western Star added roof and chassis fairings on its Day Cab, 60-inch, and 72-inch Mid Roof models. The chassis side fairings fill the gaps between the cab and chassis, and the new drive wheel fairings and FlowBelow drive wheel covers maintain the aerodynamic design all the way to the wheels. The truck is also available with a 72-inch Stratosphere high-roof sleeper cab option.

Detroit Powertrain

Buyers can spec the 57X with one of Detroit’s new DD13 Gen 5, DD15 Gen 5, or DD16 engines and either Detroit’s DT 12 Direct or Overdrive AMT transmissions. The fuel efficiency gains of the Detroit engine are extended through Detroit’s Intelligent Powertrain Management and through optional Detroit front-steer and high-speed ratio rear tandem axles.

Tech For The Open Road

Similar to the vocational X-Series trucks, the 57X features the Detroit Assurance suite of safety systems that include driver assistance features like active brake assist and adaptive cruise control. The Detroit Assurance 5.0 system found on the 57X offers optional Active Lane Assist that combines Lane Keep Assist, Auto Stop, Lane Departure Protection, and Steer Assist features. The Western Star 57X also debuts Detroit’s Active Side Guard Assist, which helps mitigate blind side issues that can occur with right-hand turns.

Source: Daimler Truck North America

The new Western Star 57X features the latest Detroit powertrain, which can include engines from Detroit’s DD13 Gen 5, DD15 Gen 5, or DD16 series. (Photo courtesy of Daimler Truck North America.)

Daimler Trucks says the new 57X is Western Star’s most advanced, fuel-efficient on-highway vehicle yet. (Photo courtesy of Daimler Truck North America.)

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