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Volvo's Remote Programming and Remote Diagnostics Uptime Services helps fleet managers and drivers.

Volvo Trucks Remote Programming & Remote Diagnostics Uptime Services Now Allow For Unlimited Parameter Updates

Volvo Trucks customers with Remote Programming/Remote Diagnostics coverage now have unlimited parameter updates for as long as they have coverage. Volvo’s Uptime Services are free for two years with the purchase of a new vehicle, but customers can also opt for extended coverage or renew their subscription for an additional cost.

This service allows fleet managers and operators to install parameter updates over the air when it is the most convenient, including setting maximum cruise and road speed, idle shutdown time, I-Shift transmission settings, and much more. These parameters ensure that the vehicle operates in compliance with regional, state, and local regulations while also improving fuel efficiency, gear-shifting, and overall performance. Plus, they can be installed from almost anywhere.

Fleet managers can choose which parameter updates to implement and send them to a vehicle. The driver can then initiate the install from the truck’s instrument cluster. It’s also possible for operators to install updates entirely on their own using Driver Display Activation, which now comes standard every new Volvo Trucks model. But if there are ever any issues, support from the Greensboro, North Carolina-based Volvo Trucks Uptime Center is phone call away.

“Value To The Customer”

“There is a direct connection between the strategic use of parameters and the ability to streamline costs, optimize efficiencies and monitor a fleet’s environmental footprint,” says Ashley Murickan, product marketing manager at Volvo Trucks North America. “Every update represents value to the customer, and the added convenience of our Driver Display Activation application allows these parameters to be updated with minimal disruption to operations.”

Source: Volvo

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