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Virtual Walk-Arounds Provide Up-Close Look At New Volvo Trucks

The Volvo Trucks Customer Center is giving Volvo customers a new, socially distant way to get an in-depth look at its newest trucks. The live presentations, built to accommodate physical distancing and travel restrictions currently in place due to COVID-19, provide an immersive visual experience that goes beyond replicating how a customer would examine the truck in person.

“This has been incredibly beneficial in allowing customers to have an in-depth and up-close discussion of how they can use our trucks and services to benefit their business, even when they aren’t able to physically be here,” says Rob Simpson, director, Volvo Trucks Customer Center. “We also found that the camera’s small size and high definition let the customer get a close look at components and installations that are not easily accessible. So even with live customer visits, we will still use this technology to help them see more of our trucks.”

Straight Off The Factory Line

At a recent event, Volvo customer Ozinga Bros, Inc. was able to participate in a virtual presentation that delivered a bumper-to-bumper look at Volvo Trucks’ new vocational VHD model for ready-mix concrete.

“It was a great opportunity for us to pay a virtual visit to the Volvo Trucks facility and enjoy a presentation that we otherwise would not have been able to schedule under the current pandemic circumstances,” says Ozinga Bros Vice President of Fleet Management Jeff Bonnema. “The video experience and remote discussion with the Volvo team allowed for an up-close and personal view of the truck.”

The presentation included product experts covering features and advantages of the truck, while live images were shared from a high-definition webcam showcasing the truck’s exterior and interior. Camera close-up views of the undercarriage, powertrain, and suspension views also provided a perspective that’s not easy to see in person.

Volvo Virtual Walk Around
Due to COVID-19, the Volvo Trucks Customer Experience Center in Dublin, Virginia, is offering virtual walk-arounds to give customers a high-definition look at their new trucks in lieu of the traditional in-person pilot review. (Photo courtesy of Volvo.)

Try It Yourself

Volvo Trucks is encouraging customers to contact their dealer sales representative to request their own virtual experience or a hybrid (socially distanced, on-site with virtual demo) presentation for a unique look at new trucks and models not available in their area. Volvo says the Volvo Trucks Customer Center can utilize whatever video conferencing platform is preferred.

Source: Volvo

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