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FR8Star streamlines the process of finding drivers of all kinds, including those who specialize in tillage equipment transport. FR8Star does this by offering shippers access to its network of reputable drivers with the right trucks and trailers for the job at hand.

Best Practices For Tillage Equipment Shipping

Tillage equipment is notoriously difficult to transport, but FR8Star can help. It’s a free service for shippers that lets you request competitive bids from a network of experienced transport companies with expertise in shipping tillage equipment and many other types of agricultural equipment.

Hauling tillage equipment is less difficult if it is properly prepared beforehand, as these large, cumbersome machines can require a fair amount of work to break down. What follows are some considerations for getting your tillage equipment ready to ship.

What Kind Of Trailer Do I Need To Transport Tillage Equipment?

Due to the size of disks, field rippers, plows, and other large tillage machines, you’ll need to dismantle some parts for transport. Individual wings may be able to lie on a flatbed trailer, but anything that must stand upright may require a drop-deck trailer.

Flatbeds are the most common (and often the cheapest) type of trailer used to haul heavy equipment. Flatbed trailers stand about 5 feet above ground and provide around 13.5 feet of total clearance to work with, which accommodates equipment with a height of up to around 8.5 ft. Flatbeds can handle the standard 8.5 ft of width and roughly 48,000 pounds of weight, but limits can vary by state.

Step-deck trailers (also called drop-decks) have a lower midsection and can be loaded from the side, rear, or overhead. Many step-deck trailers also have ramps that enable machinery to be driven onto and off of the trailer, eliminating the need for extra loading equipment. Step-deck trailers usually handle a maximum weight between 48,000 and 53,000 lbs, a maximum height for the lower deck of around 10 ft, and an 8.5-ft width.

Lowboys (sometimes called double drop-deck trailers) offer the greatest amount of height clearance, but are typically the most expensive option. Lowboys can haul loads up to 12 ft tall weighing between 40,000 and 80,000 lbs, depending on the number of axles. Lowboys come in three types: fixed gooseneck, fixed-neck, and removable gooseneck (RGN), with different options for loading from the front or back, and with different weight limits.

Get Your Tillage Equipment Ready For Shipping

It’s often desirable to steer away from a wide load designation, which can increase costs by as much as double or triple the price of a standard load and extend the time it takes for the load to arrive at its final destination. To ensure your equipment will fit on a standard trailer, separate any pieces you can. Even consider removing the wheels, as that may save money overall. Once removed and folded up, some equipment pieces (such as wings) may, depending on their size, fit on flatbeds. Most equipment will require a step-deck or lowboy trailer.

For other motorized parts and tractors, drain the fluids, clean out any loose items in the cabin, and secure any moving parts to prevent damage during transit. Be sure to check with state ordinances as there may be additional steps along your haulage route.

Get It Shippied With FR8Star

When your equipment is ready to move, FR8Star makes it easy to get free transport estimates, often in 30 seconds or less. These qualified transport companies are guaranteed to have access to the appropriate trailer, as well as the expertise to move tillage equipment. FR8Star’s network of transport companies also compete for your bid, so you can compare transport companies and their bids to find the right option for you, saving you hours of work contacting transport companies and comparing bids.

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FR8Star streamlines the process of finding drivers of all kinds, including those who specialize in tillage equipment transport. FR8Star does this by offering shippers access to its network of reputable drivers with the right trucks and trailers for the job at hand.

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Tillage equipment transport can be a daunting task.  Thankfully FR8Star’s network of qualified professionals includes carriers who specialize in heavy equipment transport, ensuring the process of shipping your valuable equipment goes smoothly.  FR8Star allows you to compare quotes from experienced professionals and choose the carrier that’s right for you.

Shipping a Tractor

Carriers will need to have accurate info from you, the shipper, in order to provide an accurate quote for shipping your tillage equipment.  

1.  Year, Make, and Model of the item to be shipped.

2.  Dimensions.  Specifically Length, Width, Height, and Weight.

3.  Pick up and drop off locations as well as the time windows that work for you.

How Much Will It Cost To Ship A Tillage Equipment?

There are a number of factors that can influence the cost of shipping a tillage equipment.  

Size & Dimensions: The larger the item, the more expensive it will be to ship.  Bulky items and irregular dimensions can also add to the cost.

Open-Air vs. Enclosed Transport: For the most part, people will usually go with an open-air option using a flatbed, double drop, or other specialized trailer suited to shipping a tillage equipment.  

Shipping Distance: Unsurprisingly, the cost to ship a tillage equipment long distances will be higher than short distances.  There is some good news for those that require longer hauls for their equipment.  Price per mile typically is lower as you add miles to the journey.

Tight Delivery Deadlines: It will cost you extra for expedited shipping so if you can it’s best to plan ahead.  Other factors like narrow pick-up and delivery windows can add to the cost.


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