Step Deck Trailer Transport

FR8Star is your connection to experienced transport companies and drivers who are highly qualified for step deck semi-trailer transport services. Let’s take a look at what you can expect as you prepare your shipment for the journey.

Drop Deck Trailer Transport

A step deck (or drop deck) trailer is a type of open flatbed trailer with two platform heights. It has a long, lower deck and a short upper deck, which are separated by a perpendicular transition, or step. Because the bottom deck is lower than a flatbed, haulers can employ step deck trailers when they need to transport tall cargo (between 8.5 feet and 10 feet in height). That way, the combined height of the trailer and the load will not exceed state or local regulator limits (commonly 13.5 feet).

Step deck trailers, which can also encompass lowboys, work well for transporting ag machinery, construction equipment, building materials, large vehicles, and other loads that would be suitable for, say, a traditional dry van. A step deck trailer may have a fixed neck, a gooseneck, or a removable gooseneck (RGN).

Typical Step Deck Trailer Loads

Step deck trailers are widely used to deliver heavy equipment and materials to construction sites, farms, mines, quarries, and other job sites. Like flatbed and curtain side trailers, step decks can easily be loaded and unloaded from either side—much easier than having to load through a rear door. This makes step decks ideal for shipping palletized goods loaded via forklift, as well as tracked vehicles such as excavators loaded by crane or dock. Drop deck trailers may also have ramps to the rear, facilitating drive-on and drive-off loads such as tractors, wheel loaders, and vehicles.

Using A Drop Deck Transport Service

The height, width, length, and weight of your load will determine whether a step deck or other type of trailer would be the most suitable. Before you book step deck transport with a transport company, it’s essential to provide accurate measurements of the item to ensure that the load won’t exceed legal limits, requiring a special permit. For example, in the state of Nebraska, loads must measure less than 8.5 feet wide; 14.5 feet in height; and 53 feet long. A load must also have a gross weight under 80,000 pounds. Some exceptions apply.

For overweight/oversize loads, a permit—and possibly an escort such as a pole car—may be required, which can elevate transport costs and require more time to ship. That being said, as long as the load comes in under the maximum height restriction, it may still be possible to use a step deck trailer. In these circumstances a double drop trailer might be a better option if one is available.

Note that load measurements also impact the cost of shipping. The majority of the shipping cost will stem from the weight and dimensions of the load, as well as the distance to be traveled. Other factors include the cost of fuel and the availability of trucks and suitable trailers.

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