RV Transport

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Best Practices For Transporting RVs

Shipping recreational vehicles, whether they be motorhomes, travel trailers, or fifth wheels, doesn’t have to be difficult. Regardless of the situation, FR8Star is here to connect you with qualified drivers with extensive experience transporting RVs. All you need to do is select the transport type that works best for you and prepare the RV for hauling.

There are three common types of transport for RVs: drive away services, tow-away services, and transportation via trailer.


Winnebago Vista and Mini Winnie parked head to head
Driveaway trucker transporting an RV

Driveaway Service

Drive away services are ideal for motorhomes, and in situations where you prefer that someone else drive your RV safely to its destination. Tow-away services are similar, but primarily intended for travel trailer-type campers. With these services, you need to makes sure you provide the driver with your RV’s exact specifications so they can use a truck with the correct hitch rating to haul it securely.

Shipping Via Trailer

Shipping via trailer is a bit different, as the RV won’t incur any wear and tear during transport, provided there are no adverse weather conditions along the way. It’s also possible to haul several campers on one trailer, which could mean lower shipping rates for each customer. Trailers commonly used for shipping RVs are standard flatbeds, drop deck trailers, and gooseneck trailers.

Small motorhome on a scenic mountain drive
Closeup of RV hookups

Preparing Your RV For Transport​

Preparing an RV for third-party transport isn’t too different from getting ready for a camping trip. Make sure that you lock, latch, or tape all doors, windows, cargo compartments, slide-outs, and components to prevent items from falling out and causing damage during transport. If you are shipping an RV that you already own and use frequently, then you may want to remove all items.

If the vehicle is going to be towed or driven, make sure that it is roadworthy. It should be in good condition with working brake lights, good tires, and not in need of significant repairs. If you opt for drive away service, inspect the motorhome as you would a car or truck: make sure fluids are topped off, the gas tank is full, lights are functioning correctly, and no mechanical issues are present. For tow-away service, be sure to check the hitch for any damage. And for either method, ensure tires are properly inflated. Following all of these steps will minimize the risk of damage to your RV during transport.

Find A Transport Company Using FR8Star

Once your RV is ready for transport, you can rely on FR8Star to receive free hauling estimates for your RV in 30 seconds or less. Simply enter all of the information about your load, wait for bids to come in, compare transport companies, and then choose the right transport company for you.

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