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FR8Star’s network of qualified transport companies includes experts in RGN transportation services. FR8Star’s marketplace, which provides you with fast, free hauling estimates, is here to connect you with these qualified hauling professionals—letting you quickly compare bids and book a transport company for shipping.

What To Know About RGN Transport Services

A removable gooseneck (RGN) trailer is an ideal solution for hauling loads that would exceed legal height limits if hauled on a traditional flatbed or dry van trailer. RGN trailers are great for agricultural and construction equipment, large passenger vehicles, and similar large loads. Because the deck of an RGN detaches from the gooseneck, you can easily drive heavy machinery directly onto and off of the platform—no need for a ramp.

If you’re looking for a qualified transport company or driver with extensive experience in RGN transport and oversize/overweight loads in general, you’ve found the right place at FR8Star. Read on to find out more about RGN trailers.

Benefits Of RGN Transport Services

RGN trailers are popular in the heavy transport sector for shipping equipment to construction sites, farms, and mines. They are especially useful in situations where it might not be feasible or cost-effective to drive a machine from one site to another, which has the added benefit of reducing wear and tear on the machine.

As mentioned above, one major plus for RGN trailers is the detachable deck, which lays flat on the ground and allows you to drive a bulldozer, tractor, or other large vehicle on to the platform, thereby minimizing the use of ramps, cranes, and other equipment for loading and unloading. In addition to handling taller cargo, RGN trailers are well-suited for transporting oversize and overweight loads in general, although doing so requires special permits and other considerations.

Using An RGN Transport Service

As with any other form of transport, the key to a successful heavy haul experience is to provide complete and accurate measurements to your transport company to ensure the load is within legal limits. In Nebraska, for example, the maximum dimensions of a legal load for a standard semi-trailer is 14.5 feet in height, 53 ft in length, and 8.5 ft in width, and the maximum gross weight is 80,000 pounds (with exceptions). Although a load that exceeds any of those limits will often require a permit, and potentially an escort, the height requirement is where an RGN trailer comes in handy.

Depending on the size of the drop from the neck to the platform, an RGN trailer can help reduce the height of a load by as much as 2.5 feet. That means you could legally transport a 12-ft tall piece of equipment that would exceed the legal limits if hauled on a standard flatbed trailer.

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