Piggyback Truck Transport

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Best Practices For Shipping Trucks

There are many options available for shipping trucks, but the process can be trickier for medium- and heavy-duty models, particularly if you need to ship them across the country. While FR8Star can help you find qualified drivers and streamline much of the shipping process, there are still several considerations to keep in mind before shipping your truck.

The most common methods for transporting trucks include using a drive away service, piggybacking, and hauling trucks with a traditional trailer.



Piggybacking involves connecting one or more trucks in a chain (typically no more than four trucks, maximum) using a fifth-wheel or similar hitch style. This configuration resembles a piggyback ride, thus the name. When piggybacking trucks, the front tires may need to be removed during transport. Although the piggybacking method may save you some money relative to a drive away service, shipping may be slower due to multi-stop deliveries, some of which may be off the beaten path. This puts varying degrees of wear and tear on the rear tires.


Connect With Brokers Using FR8Star

Once you have chosen your preferred mode of transport and your truck is prepared for the journey, you can rely on FR8Star to provide you with free hauling estimates in less than 30 seconds. FR8Star gives you access to a network of qualified brokers and carriers with expertise in shipping equipment, containers, freight, and other types of loads. You can then compare brokers and bids to find the right option for you.

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