Piggyback Trucking

FR8Star’s network of qualified transport companies are experts in piggyback transportation services. FR8Star’s marketplace, which provides you with fast, free hauling estimates, is here to connect you with these qualified hauling professionals—letting you quickly compare bids and book a transport company for shipping.

What To Know About Piggyback Trucking

Anyone who has driven on a U.S. interstate or major highway for any length of time has likely seen a semi-trailer truck pulling behind it one or more medium- or heavy-duty trucks stacked, or “decked,” on one another. This is called piggyback trucking, and it’s a cost-effective, convenient, and resource-saving transportation mode for many situations where it’s necessary to ship new and used trucks over short or long distances.

FR8Star stands ready to pair you with qualified, vetted, professional transport companies and drivers who will provide expert piggyback trucking services. There is some useful information to know first, however, about how this mode of transport works.

Types Of Piggyback Trucking

Piggyback transportation generally refers to one transportation unit hauling another transport unit on its back in a piggyback style, such as a flat train car or barge hauling a dry van trailer. Piggyback trucking, meanwhile, refers to a lead semi-truck hauling one or more other trucks behind it—usually a group of up to four trucks, although some carriers support hauling five.

Prepare Your Truck For Transport

Depending on the transport company and specific requirements, piggyback trucking may require using a heavy wrecker to lift and seat the individual trucks, as well as saddle mounts, tow booms, fifth wheel or other hitch method, and other equipment to secure the trucks for transport. Piggyback trucking may also require such precautions as removing the trucks’ exhaust stacks, front tires, and other components, and ensuring the taillights and brakes of the rear truck in the chain are operational and that the trucks’ weight specifications support piggybacking.

Find The Right Transport Company With FR8Star

Companies adding new or used trucks to their fleets through retail sales or auctions are among the chief users of piggyback trucking services. Piggyback trucking, however, isn’t your only option for such truck-transport needs. Two alternatives include drive away service and traditional trailer transport. All of these transport types are available from FR8Star’s network of transport companies. While drive away services involve an operator driving the truck to its final destination, traditional trailer services entail the use of a drop deck, flatbed, gooseneck, or lowboy trailer for towing.

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Use FR8Star To Book A Piggyback Transport Service

Once you’ve decided piggyback trucking is your best transportation option, turn to FR8Star’s trusted network of expert transport companies. At FR8Star.com, just enter all the required details for your load, submit the request, and you’ll get a free estimate in as little as 30 seconds. From there, compare the multiple, all-inclusive bids you’ll receive to select a service, and FR8Star will provide you the carrier or driver’s contact information to finalize transport details. Moreover, FR8Star’s experienced customer service reps are available to help all along the way.

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