Overseas Shipping Documents

What Documents Do I Need For Overseas Shipping?

As you might expect when shipping large cargo across land, sea, and back onto land again, there are quite a few document requirements. These include invoices related to the sale of the item, the export of the item, and more. Descriptions of the cargo, the cargo’s value, and export specifics are among the details needed to complete these documents.

You might also need a packing list, which is typically only necessary for transporting several smaller items in one container and doesn’t usually apply to heavy equipment. Other examples include a certificate of origin that declares where the item is shipping from, instructions for the shipper, bills of lading, and more.

Ensuring that all of the right documents are in place is another instance where working with a freight forwarder can take much of the responsibility off of the shipper’s shoulders. Freight forwarders ordinarily handle all of the necessary documentation related to the overseas shipping process, and they have the connections needed to get your cargo safely from point A to point B. FR8Star can help you find the appropriate freight forwarder for your load.

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