New Study Shows Time Spent Truck Parking Can Affect Profits
News alert: Parking is scarce. Sure, there are times when a trucker gets lucky and fits that “perfect spot.” However, more times than not, they find it a challenge to locate the appropriate parking arrangement in a reasonable period of time. A recent study by the American Transportation Research Institute found what you likely already knew to be true — that scarce truck parking can hurt a driver’s (and their company) bottom line. Here are some of the more important takeaways from the survey:
  • On average, drivers spent 56 minutes searching for parking during work hours.
  • For a trucker, this wasted time leads to a reduction of more than 9,000 revenue earning miles on an annual basis.
  • When put into monetary terms, this reduction in revenue earning miles reduces pay by roughly $4,600.

What About Time of Day?

According to the surveyed truckers, it was more difficult to find parking between the hours of 4pm and midnight. Also, it was easier to locate a space on a Saturday or Sunday as opposed to a weekday.

Is there a Cure?

Based on a 14 day study of 148 truckers, the numbers don’t lie. There is no denying the fact that the parking shortage can reduce driver productivity and pay, while also impacting the bottom line of fleet owners. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed cure to the problem. That said, the study does note that state transportation departments and trucking companies are considering the many tools available to boost efficiency and help truckers find open parking. With each passing year, more truckers and fleet owners are coming to realize that parking has a big impact on their bottom line. Fortunately, through the implementation of advanced technology, this issue could be reduced, to a certain degree, in the years to come. Have a parking secret? Share it with our community of fleets and drivers. Send it to [email protected] and we’ll feature your tip in an upcoming article.  

Post Author: FR8Star