Motorcycle Transport

FR8Star streamlines the process of finding drivers of all kinds, including those who specialize in motorcycle transport. FR8Star does this by offering shippers access to its network of reputable drivers with the right trucks for the job at hand.

Best Practices For Shipping Motorcycles

No one would blame you if you choose to ride your Harley, BMW, Indian, Honda Gold Wing, or Can-Am Spyder cross-country to the Sturgis or Daytona rallies or the new house you just purchased. After all, what can beat navigating the open road on two wheels? Sometimes, though, riding isn’t an option due to poor seasonal weather, a nonrunning engine, bent forks, or other obstacles. That’s where FR8Star comes in. 

FR8Star connects you with expert, qualified, and vetted transport companies who will ship your bike safely, securely, and affordably. Before shipping a cruisier, touring, sports, or other motorcycle, though, consider these best practices to prepare it for transport to make the process as smooth as possible.  

Compare Your Motorcycle Shipping Options

Motorcycle shipping costs generally depend on the bike itself (type, model, condition), the distance it needs to be shipped, the desired time frame for shipping, and shipping method. The primary choices are open and enclosed trailers.

Enclosed trailers can be more expensive than the open variety, but they provide greater protection from weather, dirt and debris, theft, and other elements. Furthermore, many carriers have enclosed trailers specially equipped to ship motorcycles via floor tracks, strapping systems, and air suspension. Transport companies may also suggest mounting the bike on a heavy-duty metal or wood pallet for greater stability and safety in transit.

Using a heavy-duty enclosed crate or container is another common option for terminal-to-terminal shipping. In some cases, shipping via crate may require you to provide the crate and secure it yourself using your own tie-down straps, wheel clock, and other materials.

Prepare The Motorcycle For Transport

When arranging for shipping, provide the transport company with your motorcycle’s make, model, measurements, weight, and other pertinent details, and confirm the shipping requirements. Some transport companies, for example, may ask you to remove the battery and drain all fluids or only certain fluids. 

It is a good idea to wash the bike, inflate the tires, and check for (and repair) any leaks. You may also need to remove the windscreen, saddlebags, and other components to meet space requirements. As with any vehicle or piece of equipment you ship, remove personal items from storage compartments, and document and photography any existing damage as proof for insurance in case damage is incurred during transport. In terms of insurance, confirm what is and is not covered and under what conditions, the deductible amount, and whether additional coverage is available and warranted. 

Confirm Pickup & Delivery Details

Shipping options can include door-to-door and/or terminal-to-terminal shipping. The latter is usually less expensive, but using the method often means you will have to deliver the motorcycle to the shipper’s delivery terminal and then pick it up at its terminal in the arriving city. Door-to-door delivery, by contrast, generally requires truck and trailer accessibility at the pickup and delivery points. 

Inform the transport company of any interfering restrictions or obstacles beforehand as you may need to make different location arrangements. Whichever method you choose, ask the transport company about its tracking options in order to keep tabs on the bike while it travels.

Use FR8Star To Find A Motorcycle Transport Company 

When you’re ready to ship, FR8Star helps obtain free motorcycle transport estimates, usually in 30 seconds or less, from experienced transport companies with the right trailers for the job. FR8Star’s network of transport companies compete for your bid, so you’ll have multiple bids to compare. Simply provide FR8Star some essential details about your load, including the origin and shipping destination, and you will receive multiple all-inclusive bids to consider. When you’re ready, award the load. FR8Star will connect you with the winning bidder to confirm shipping details, arrange payment, and finalize the details.

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