Manure Spreader Transport

Best Practices For Manure Spreader Transport

A manure spreader’s job isn’t a glamorous one, but it is an important one, where enriching the quality of a farmer’s fields is concerned. Not all manure spreading equipment, however, is created alike. Along with trailer-pulled and truck-mounted models, these machines come in open wagon and closed tank designs for handling dry and liquid manure, respectively. They also come with rear- and side-discharge delivery mechanisms. As such, individual models will have different requirements when it’s time to transport one from one location to another.  

No matter the manure spreader’s shape, style, or design, FR8Star can help get it transported safely and securely. FR8Star’s service lets shippers request competitive hauling requests from a network of transport companies that possess expertise and knowledge about shipping manure spreaders. When you decide on a hauler, keep the following in mind to get your manure spreader ready to ship and help avoid delays and other snags later.

Find The Right Trailer

Flatbeds, RGN (removable gooseneck), and drop-deck trailers are all viable candidates for transporting a manure spreader. Models can weigh more than 10,000 pounds (4,4536 kilograms), stand over 7 feet (2.1 meters) tall, and stretch beyond 25 ft (7.6 m) long, so selecting the right trailer for the job will depend significantly on the spreader’s size and shape.


Flatbeds are generally well-suited for transporting various types of oversized and oddly shaped farm equipment in general, and smaller wagon-style manure spreaders are no exceptions. RGN and drop-deck trailers, however, can provide extra clearance to help avoid clashing with height regulations that may come into play. These trailer types can also make it possible to back the manure spreader directly onto the trailer rather than having to use other equipment for loading it.

Prepare The Manure Spreader For Transport

Shipping a manure spreader, whether it’s a wagon or tank variety, requires that you take extremely accurate measurements and provide them to the hauling company. Additional paperwork and permits may also be required, depending on the spreader.


To prepare the machine for transport, check the manufacturer’s information for any transport instructions particular to the model being shipped. You may need to remove shields, deflectors, and other attachments prior to loading. Additionally, make certain the wagon or tank is completely empty, and ensure any spinners, beaters, chains, augers, aerators, cultivators, or other components are secured and protected against exposure to weather and other elements.  

Get It Shipped With FR8Star 

Once your manure spreader is ready for hauling on your preferred mode of transport, FR8Star will help you get free transport estimates, often in less than 30 seconds. Transport companies with the right trailer for the job from FR8Star’s network of vetted, qualified, hauling companies will compete for your bid, enabling you to compare multiple bids and transport companies to determine the one best for you. FR8Star’s open marketplace saves you hours of work contacting transport companies and comparing bids.

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