Lowboy Trailer Transport

FR8Star’s network of qualified transport companies are experts in lowboy transportation services. FR8Star’s marketplace, which provides you with fast, free hauling estimates, is here to connect you with these qualified hauling professionals—letting you quickly compare bids and book a transport company for shipping.

Lowboy Shipping

The low-riding nature of lowboy trailers makes them the perfect choice for haulers when transporting loads that would be too tall to legally transport on a standard flatbed. And by moving tall freight with a lowboy, haulers might be able to reduce shipping costs by avoiding over-dimension permits. Lowboy trailers can also support heavy equipment; 40,000 pounds with two axles and up to 80,000 lbs with three axles.

To simplify loading and unloading, haulers might opt for a type of lowboy trailer called a removable gooseneck (RGN), which features a detachable front. This way, haulers can lower the RGN to the ground and used the built-in ramp to drive heavy equipment onto the trailer. Specialized RGN trailers that accommodate payloads well above 100,000 lbs and support up to 20 axles are also available.

Common Lowboy Load Types

With support for extra tall and extra heavy loads, lowboy trailers are often used to transport heavy construction machinery like excavators or backhoe loaders, ag equipment like harvesters and tractors, and all kinds of oilfield equipment. A lowboy trailer’s clearance is also a boon for machines with large rubber tires, such as articulated trucks, cranes, and dozers. Haulers might opt for RGN trailers for equipment that requires low load angles, such as pavers and scissor lifts.

Finding an expert in lowboy transportation services, such as the transport companies on FR8Star, eliminates the need for shippers to find the exact lowboy trailer to support the height, width, and weight restrictions for the heavy machinery in question.

How To Use A Lowboy Transportation Service

The instant estimate provided by FR8Star—and the firm bids you receive from transport companies—are based on the load information provided. As such, it’s critically important to provide accurate load dimensions because a change to the size or weight could affect the type of trailer needed, the permits required to haul the load, and the cost.

Find The Right Transport Company With FR8Star

When you’re ready to book your load with a lowboy transport service, FR8Star is here to help. At FR8Star.com, you can enter all of the relevant information for your load, submit your request, and receive free estimates in as little as 30 seconds. Compare qualified transport companies from FR8Star’s trusted network, pick the right one for you, and then work out all the details with transport company to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. 

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