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Average Line Haul Rates This Month

High-paying, quality hot shot loads derived from AuctionTime, Machinery Trader, TractorHouse and Truck Paper.

Hotshot loads: $1.76 per mile

RGN (heavy haul): $4.18 per mile

Flatbed: $2.25 per mile

Stepdeck: $2.40 per mile

Partial Half: $1.49 per mile

Lowboy Trailer Uses

Lowboy trailers are ideal for transporting taller loads that would otherwise exceed legal height limits if transported on a flatbed. The main deck of a lowboy sits down in between the wheels of the truck and the rear wheels of the trailer, setting the load as close to the road as possible. Lowboys are well-suited for hauling heavy construction equipment, farm machinery, and other loads, including excavators and combines. Depending on the trailer, the cargo might be driven directly onto the deck, or using a built-in ramp, or loaded onto it using a crane.


Something important to keep in mind with lowboys is staying within Federal height, width, length, and weight requirements. When traveling on the Interstate, for example, gross vehicle weight cannot exceed 80,000 pounds, however states have their own limits as well for highways and other roads. The maximum height limit is typically no higher than 14 feet, but that figure varies, so you’ll want to look at your planned route and make sure you’re in compliance so you won’t require additional permits or an escort.

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