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Best Practices For Transporting Loader Backhoes

If you have a loader backhoe in need of long-haul transport, you’ll want the right truck, trailer, and driver to haul it to its rural or urban destination at the right price. There are a few things you’ll need to do to prepare your backhoe loader for the trip before you book the services of a hauler, which is easy and transparent to do through FR8Star.

FR8Star is a powerful service that lets you call upon a network of qualified transport professionals with experience in shipping loader backhoes and other heavy haul loads.

Loading A Loader

Most drivers will load a backhoe facing forward on the trailer. Some may prefer to remove the main bucket and load it separately, or at least remove the pin from the bucket and let it rest on the deck of the trailer. After loading, the driver will use the loader backhoe’s intended tiedown points to strap or chain it in place. The carrier should use chocks to immobilize the wheels. You may want to tape a sheet of cardboard across the cab window that’s facing forward to protect it from bugs and road debris.

Secure or remove any components that could come loose from your backhoe loader during transport, and remove any personal belongings from the cab and storage compartments. Double-check that hatches, windows, and doors are closed and properly latched. Also, if bad weather lies ahead along the route, talk with the hauler to prepare accordingly and minimize the risk of damage to your loader backhoe.

Most haulers will send you photos of the loaded machine at both the beginning and endpoint of the journey, but don’t be afraid to take your own pics to document the loader backhoe’s condition before its journey begins. FR8Star representatives and the transport company will both be in contact with you throughout the trip to resolve any issues and make the process go smoothly. 

Use FR8Star To Haul Your Equipment

When it comes time to ship your loader, FR8Star is here to help. At FR8Star.com, you can enter all of the relevant information for your load, submit your request, and receive free estimates in as little as 30 seconds. Compare qualified transport companies and carriers from FR8Star’s trusted network, request firm bids from one or more, and then work out the details with the carrier of your choice. FR8Star representatives will be available to ensure that the entire shipping process goes as smoothly as possible.

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