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Kenworth's new T380 conventional truck

A Closer Look At Kenworth’s New T380 & T480 Conventional Trucks

Kenworth recently announced a new lineup of conventional trucks that range from Class 5 to Class 8. The truck maker’s new T380 and T480 were part of the reveal; both trucks come in a vocational variant (the T380V and T480V) that is equipped with a vocational hood for customers requiring FEPTO (front-engine power take-off), full parent rails, and a fixed grille. They are also available with 4×4 or 6×6 drivetrains.

The T380 & T480 Unwrapped
Available as straight trucks or tractors, the T380 (Class 7) and T480 (Class 8) reach GVWs (gross vehicle weights) up to 33,000 pounds (14,969 kilograms) and 66,000 lbs. (29,937 kg), respectively. Besides the aforementioned vocational hood, customers have 107.5-inch (273-centimeter) BBC (bumper to back of cab) short aero hood or 109.5-in. (278-cm) BBC medium aero hood choices. The latter option is primarily designed for trucks carrying out higher-horsepower and all-wheel-drive jobs.

There are three bumper options, as well, including a vocational bumper with tow hook, fog lights, headlights, daytime running lights, and mount options. Both trucks feature a new, wider, 6.9-foot (2.1-meter) cab with lower positioning and either a standard 63-in. (160-cm) low roof or 67-in. (170-cm) optional raised roof.

Kenworth's new conventional truck on the job
Kenworth’s new four-model conventional truck lineup includes the Class 7 T380 and Class 8 T480, which are available in T380V and T480V configurations with a vocational hood and a wealth of configuration options. (Photo courtesy of Kenworth.)

Versatility, Check

“Product flexibility is achieved with each configuration,” says Kenworth Product Planning Director John Luoma. “For example, we have some snow plow, mixer, and pumper customers who will need the T480V for its full parent rail extensions (allowing for snow plow attachment) and front-engine PTO for hose reel installation. The grille is mounted to the cooling module to allow for steady legs, crane outriggers, or for other attachments that can be located in front of the hood. Thanks to the new cab position, the BBC is 8 inches shorter than the T470 it replaces. This gives the truck a shorter footprint, tighter turning radius, and more maneuverability. It can also accommodate 16K to 20K-lb.-rated front drive axles.”

The entire lineup is available with a raft of options, including everything from a new engine-mounted air-intake system to an enhanced column-mounted shifter matched to the trucks’ new lightweight, eight-speed PACCAR TX-8 automatic transmission. Their redesigned cab, meanwhile, features a new instrument cluster with 7-inch HD digital display that provides numerous driver-personalization options.

The T380 and T480 come standard with a PX-7 engine rated up to 325 horsepower (242 kilowatts) or with optional PX-9 power plant rated up to 380 HP (283 kW), depending on the truck’s BBC. A near-zero emission Cummins Westport L9N natural gas engine rated to 320 HP (239 kW) is also available. The TX-8 transmission carries a maximum torque rating of 1,000 pounds-foot (1,355 newton-meters) and a 57,000-lb (25,855-kg) gross combined weight rating (GCWR).

Source: Kenworth

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