Meet the FR8Star Team



Matt Kropp
Co-Founder and CEO

Matt is passionate about digital innovation and building high-performing teams. Spent first 10 years of career building digital businesses in Internet 1.0. Last ten years have focused on the Trucking and Technology sectors and increasingly on the intersection of the two.

CCR Reckers
Co-Founder and COO

CCR spent six years with the Boston Consulting Group prior to FR8Star where his main focus was on business models and product innovation across multiple industries. Currently, CCR leads the operations-side of the FR8Star marketplace.

Steffen Enni
Chief Technical Officer

Steffen has over 20 years of developer experience. Previously served as the VP at Star Analytics, which was acquired by IBM in 2013. He’s helping to invent the next generation technology for the trucking industry that literally drives our economy.

Jessica Toy
Chief Product Officer

Jessica comes to FR8Star after five years at Airbnb serving as a Product Manager. She is responsible for managing the roadmap and development of product offerings and tools at FR8Star.

Benny Hammond
Chief Revenue Officer

Benny has three years of experience in business development and operations as the COO of BlueKite. He manages a robust FR8Star sales team responsible for transactions completed within the two-sided freight marketplace.

Diandra Silva
Director of Marketing

Diandra joined FR8Star in May 2017 after spending two years with the Educations Media Group where she specialized in digital marketing. She leads FR8Star marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Our Office

FR8Star Team and Office

At FR8Star, shippers moving difficult to fill flatbed, oversize, and overweight loads connect with specialized carriers with the capacity they need. We’re guaranteeing fair rates to shippers and carriers moving open deck freight with 100% transparent pricing and tailored tools for OS/OW and open deck transport.

Our marketplace remains focused on providing transparency and giving carriers a unique opportunity to expand their business while building capacity for the market, simultaneously making FR8Star more and more useful for shippers as well.