Freight Pricing


By bringing shippers and carriers together with 100% transparent transactions, we can guarantee fair freight pricing and savings for everyone.

Shippers can easily book and manage freight

Here’s how it works: Sam’s Equipment Rental needs to move a CAT CP-563 from Des Moines, IA to Evansville, IN. The FR8Star Freight Rate Calculator estimates $456 in permits and $1,300 – $1,800 in carrier line haul to move the load.

Sam posts the CAT CP-563 to the FR8Star network, receives 3 carrier bids, and accepts a bid from John’s Trucking for $1,956.


Amount for permits, pilot cards and third-party costs


John’s Trucking linehaul


15% FR8Star transaction fee

*If shipper chooses to book instantly with price lock the fee is 15%


The total cost to
ship Sam’s load

Access to 40,000+
available trucks

Seamless and secure
payment processing

Instant freight rate
estimates before you book

Automated paperwork

Itemizations of all third
party costs per load

Expert logistics

Carriers keep 100% of bids with instant pay at drop-off

Here’s how it works: John’s Trucking places an all-in bid for $1,956 on a load from Sam’s Equipment Rental to move a CAT CP-563 from  Des Moines, IA to Evansville, IN. Sam accepts John’s bid and awards John’s Trucking the load.


John’s linehaul


permits and third-party costs


John’s compensation

John gets instant pay

at drop-off upon receipt of POD

Access to premium OS/OW
and open deck loads

Totally transparent transactions - Know what your shipper gets paid

Transparent transactions –
Know what your shipper pays

Keep 100% of what
you bid

Updates on loads matching your fleet

Get notified of loads
matching your preferences

4 ways to get paid fast when you submit POD

Get paid instantly
when you submit POD

Free freight rate calculator for third party costs

Free freight rate calculator
for third party costs

Includes permit fees, police escorts, fuel, etc.

Name your price and keep 100% of what you bid

FREE to use –
No fees or factoring

Time-saving paperwork automation

Time-saving paperwork

You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

How does FR8Star's transparent pricing model work?

Our pricing is 100% transparent.

The FR8Star transaction fee is 15% of the total cost to transport a load. The transaction fee applies to all loads transacted on and is applied to total shipper costs. If you choose the convenience of Price Lock to book shipping instantly, the fee is still 15%.

How are freight costs and permits calculated using the Freight Rate Calculator?

Permits, pilot cars, bucket trucks, high-pole cars, etc. are calculated using permit data from each State Department of Transportation.
Line haul estimates are generated via our proprietary rating engine based on industry data sources and our marketplace transaction data.

What is FR8Star's MC and DOT number?

FR8Star operates under MC 943310 and USDOT #3088455

How do I get paid for delivering a load?

Carriers moving FR8Star loads choose from the following payout options:

  • Comchek® Mobile (Instant payout upon receipt of POD)
  • ACH bank transfer (2-4 days after receipt of POD)
  • Paper check (mailed after receipt of POD)
  • Comdata Express Code (Instant payout upon receipt of POD)

Do I need to invoice FR8Star to get paid?

No, we will automatically pay out in full upon receiving POD, so there is no need to send an invoice.

How do I get paid for accessorials?

All accessorial claims must be verified with the shipper. We pass on 100% of all legitimate accessorial charges. Compliance with FR8Star terms and conditions are required to qualify for accessorial payouts.

How do I reach FR8Star?

Call us at (855) 556-6622

Chat with us on

Email load-related questions to:

Email billing and payment questions to:

Send PODs and paperwork to: