Freight Pricing - Transparent Rates for Shipping with FR8Star


Let’s look at an example:

Sandra wants to ship a CAT CP-563 from Iowa to Indiana. After posting her shipment, she receives initial estimates from qualified freight brokers. She can then review the bids, wait up to 72h for additional bids and go ahead to accept a bid. Bids are all-in rates, for example $1,150 – and that’s all Samantha will pay to the broker. There are no additional fees.

$1,000 Broker's linehaul
$150 Estimated permits, pilot cars, and 3rd-party costs
$1,150 All-in bid presented to Sandra
$1,150 Total Sandra pays
Sandra has full transparency


  • Free, instant freight estimates with itemized costs
  • Get bids from multiple qualified brokers without having to make multiple phone calls
  • See broker reviews before booking
  • Expert logistics support by the broker through delivery
  • Easy posting through our integration with,,, and more
Brokers bid competitively


  • Brokers are the experts – so we let them handle the logistics process
  • Brokers and shippers transact directly – to avoid hidden fees anywhere
  • Streamlined processes when using the FR8Star bidding technology

You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

How does FR8Star's transparent pricing model work?

FR8Star is 100% FREE for shippers. That’s it. No hidden fees.

How are freight costs and permits calculated using the Freight Rate Calculator?

Line haul estimates are based on bids submitted by our broker partners in combination with our proprietary technology.
Permits, pilot cars, bucket trucks, high-pole cars, etc. are calculated using permit data from each State Department of Transportation.

Do I pay FR8Star or the broker?

Payment for the load is between the shipper and the broker directly. You do not pay FR8Star.

How do carriers get paid for delivering a load?

When a broker contracts a carrier to move your load, the broker is responsible for paying that carrier. All brokers are bonded by a freight broker bond BMC-84 to ensure that the carrier gets paid no matter what. However, all carrier payments are between the broker and the carrier.

What are accessorials?

Transportation is difficult and a lot of things can happen. Most common, “accessorials” can come into play when a shipper delays a carrier. For example, you will typically get charged a “detention fee” for each additional hour if loading or unloading takes more than 2h each. $50/hr is a good estimate for detention.

“Layover” is typically charged if the loading/unloading delay requires the driver to stay overnight. $250/night is a good estimate for layover.

TONU (truck ordered, not used) is typically charged if a shipper cancels a truck with late or no notice at all. Typically 24h notice is required and a typical fee is $250 unless you booked a specialized trailer.

How do I reach FR8Star?

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