FR8Star Load Scanner: FREE Personal Freight Finder For Nearby Loads
The FR8Star Load Finder easily finds you matching loads and sends you alerts - 100% free!

Your Personal Freight Finder – FR8Star Load Scanner

  • June 12, 2018
  • by Matt Dziak
The FR8Star Load Finder easily finds you matching loads and sends you alerts - 100% free!

Learn how the FR8Star freight finder can help you maximize opportunities to haul more freight, saving you time and keeping your fleet busy – earning that is.

How Does FR8Star’s Freight Finder Works?

FR8Star’s freight finder, known as our Load Scanner, is a comprehensive tool empowering smaller trucking companies to help them find available truck loads for their fleet. It makes finding truck freight easier than ever.

Have you ever looked for freight on a conventional load board only to scroll through for 10 minutes and not find any heavy haul or open deck freight? Well, like shag carpet, that’s a thing of the past.

Our Load Scanner is easy to use and just takes a few clicks. Simply provide your truck availability, tell us what equipment you run, where you’ll be and when. Then your personal freight finder will populate with matching loads in the Load Scanner.

How Can the Load Scanner Help My Trucking Company?

With the implementation of ELDs, driver’s hours are at a premium. It has become increasingly necessary to stay ahead of the freight finder game. A driver should already be aware of where his next pickup location will be as he’s en route to his current drop off destination. The quicker you can find loads that match your fleet, the more efficient you can run and the more you can potentially earn.

Are you a dispatcher? The FR8Star Load Scanner is a game changer for you. Now, you can use our freight finder to add multiple truck availabilities and the Load Scanner will send you alerts for matching loads. All you have to do is check your inbox, even from your mobile device.

Free Open Deck and Heavy Haul Load Board

As we mentioned before, our freight finder is intended to help keep your fleet running with great paying loads. But that’s not all FR8Star offers. Our freight is shipper direct and all loads pay you the full rate at drop-off.

Forget expensive factoring fees or haggling with freight brokers to get paid what you deserve. There’s no need to wait to get paid or search to find freight. It’s the way trucking open deck, heavy haul and flatbed freight should be.

We connect you directly with shippers and provide all the necessary load details you need to book freight instantly. There’s no need to call a broker or negotiate the rate.

If you haul oversize freight, FR8Star calculates all third-party costs for you as well. We determine the necessary permit and third-party costs and add them to your linehaul for an all-inclusive rate.

FR8Star is 100% free for carriers. Ready to haul fast-paying open deck freight? Create an account today!