FAQs - FR8Star Shipper and Carrier Questions Answered



NEW: How much does FR8Star cost?

FR8Star is now completely free for shippers. That’s it. No hidden fees.

What features of FR8Star will blow my mind?

Get shipping estimates on your freight in 30 seconds. When you’re ready, request firm bids and review estimated costs for permits, pilot cars and other third party costs. Select one of those bids with just a few clicks. And all of that for FREE.

What does FR8Star offer that other freight marketplaces don't?

Estimates on FR8Star are “all-inclusive” with no hidden fees, because we not just have full transparency, we also estimate all third-party costs so there are no surprises.

Invitation-only for the brokers. The brokers bidding on your freight are experts in equipment and machinery transport as well as heavy hauling. Carrier they contracts to haul your load will have all the necessary authority, BIPD and cargo insurance.

What is an Instant Estimate?

FR8Star has developed a proprietary Freight Rate Calculator, which makes it fast and easy for our broker partners to create an estimate on your freight – that’s why you are getting so many quotes!
All estimates are all-inclusive, so including all linehaul and other 3rd party charges.
Our technology estimates permits, pilot cars, bucket trucks, high-pole cars, etc, using permit data from each State Department of Transportation. While not perfect, we think it is the most accurate in the industry.

Can I make changes to my load info?

If your load has already received firm bids, you will not be able to make any changes yourself. Please call our support team at 1 (888) 281-2269 to request a change.

We do this so our broker partners don’t submit bids under the wrong assumption.

What my load is awarded with incorrect information?

If you awarded a load to a broker partner and realize afterwards the information you provided was incorrect or changed, let the broker know right away. It is between you and the broker to come to a new agreement and depending on the change, the rate on your load may change. Communication is key!

You can post a new, revised load on FR8Star, but first touchpoint should always be the broker your contracted with.

Rule of thumb:

  • if pickup/dropoff changed and it results in MORE miles driven, the fair approach is to pay the same quoted linehaul on the additional miles
  • if the ready date changed, the broker needs to confirm they can still serve the load
  • if dimensions changed, the rate will likely change, too; if permits were already ordered for your load, they can become void with any dimensions change; in that case, you will need to cover the cost for those
  • if you are cancelling less than 24h ahead of pickup, you will need to reimburse the trucker (“TONU – truck ordered, not used”)

What if I have an issue with the contracted broker?

If for some reason you experience an issue with the broker you selected, please contact your FR8Star ASAP or email us at
support@fr8star.com or call 1 (888) 281-2269.

Can I post project loads on FR8Star?

If you have a project that needs specialized handling and pricing, please contact us directly at support@fr8star.com

Can I book a partial shipment?

Yes, partial shipment can be booked through FR8Star. If your load qualifies as a partial shipment, it will automatically be estimated as such.

How do I book shipping with multiple stops?

If you have a shipment that requires multiple stops, please contact us directly at support@fr8star.com. Please include information regarding the type of freight, dimensions, weight, and information about the destinations and any instructions for each stop.

What is the insurance coverage?

All broker partners bidding on your freight have the required authority as well as business insurance. Cargo insurance falls on the carrier that is selected by the broker to haul your load. Brokers are not permitted to select carriers with insufficient accident insurance coverage (BIPD) and cargo insurance with a $100,000 minimum (except intra-state carriers). Many carriers are covered for more than $100,000.

How does payment work?

FR8Star is free to use for you. When you book a load with a broker partner, you arrange payment directly with the broker.

How do I reach FR8Star?

Call us at 1 (888) 281-2269

Chat with us on www.fr8star.com

Email us at support@fr8star.com


NEW: Is FR8Star a Broker?

We have recently changed our business model. All loads available to carriers on the FR8Star.com platform are offered by broker partners. FR8Star is no longer offering loads where FR8Star serves as the broker.

NEW: How do I get paid for delivering a load?

When you book a load from a broker partner who posted a load on FR8Star, you get paid by that broker.

Where do I submit my proof of delivery (POD)?

You need to submit your documents to the broker you are contracting with.

What features of FR8Star will blow my mind?

All loads offered by broker partners are “book now” at a fixed rate. No haggling on the phone, you can book the load on the platform. We’ll estimate the permits, pilot cars, etc for you, so you know what to expect.

What does FR8Star offer that other freight marketplaces don't?

The FR8Star platform connects shippers via brokers to carriers. Unlike most loadboards, it was designed with carriers’ needs in mind. Everything is done in the platform and that saves a lot of time in the communication.

How do I get signed up?

To create a FR8Star carrier account you will need to pass our automated tests against the data provided by the FMCSA. Just complete the registration and we’ll do the rest.

If you encounter any issues, you can reach FR8Star at 1 (888) 281-2269 or via chat.

Why can't I book a load?

In order to book a load, you will need to have an active USDOT number and a registered FR8Star account. You are booking with the indicated broker, not with FR8Star.

How do I reach FR8Star?

Call us at 1 (888) 281-2269

Chat with us on www.fr8star.com

Email us at support@fr8star.com