CVSA Roadcheck 2018 will focus on HOS compliance - FR8Star
CVSA Roadcheck 2018 - FR8Star

CVSA Roadcheck 2018

  • May 23, 2018
  • by Matt Dziak
CVSA Roadcheck 2018 - FR8Star

Be prepared this year! The CVSA Roadcheck 2018 is set to run June 5-7 and inspections will emphasize hours-of-service compliance this time.

CVSA Roadcheck 2018 June 5-7 Details

The CVSA Roadcheck 2018 inspection will include a 37-step procedure and also examine the driver operating requirements as well as vehicle mechanics. Drivers will be required to provide hours-of-service documentation and operating credentials. Other items that will be covered during inspections include (but not limited to):

– Brake Systems
– Cargo Securement
– Coupling Devices
– Steering Mechanisms
– Driveshaft
– Exhaust & Fuel Systems
– Lighting
– Suspension & Tires

“The top reason drivers were placed out of service during 2017 International Roadcheck was for hours-of-service violations,” said CVSA President Capt. Christopher Turner of the Kansas Highway Patrol. “32 percent of drivers who were placed out of service during last year’s three-day International Roadcheck were removed from our roadways due to violations related to hours-of-service regulations. It’s definitely an area we need to call attention to this year.”

The Department of Transportation began enforcing mandatory logging of hours electronically in April (after a 3 month grace period) and continue to make compliace an area of focus.

CVSA 2017 Roadcheck Results

The 72-hour international roadcheck blitz, which emphasized cargo securement included Canada, Mexico and the United States, had a total of 62,013 inspections last year. 87.6% of those inspections were conducted in the United States.

– 19.4% of vehicles inspected placed out of service
– 32% of driver violations were related to HOS
– 4.2% of drivers placed out of service
– 26.9% of violations were related to brake systems
– 15.7% of violations were related to cargo securement

Top 5 Violations for Cargo Securement in 2017 Roadcheck

1. No or improper load securement (423)
2. Failure to secure vehicle equipment (379)
3. Leaking, spilling, blowing, falling cargo (281)
4. Insufficient tiedowns to prevent forward movement (256)
5. Failure to secure load (178)

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International Roadcheck is the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles in the world, with around 17 trucks and buses inspected, on average, every minute in Canada, the United States and Mexico during a 72-hour period. Since its inception in 1988, more than 1.5 million roadside inspections have been conducted during International Roadcheck campaigns.