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Average rate per mile: $3.50 ($5.10 for O/S).

Keep 100% of what you bid.

Name your price and keep 100% of what you bid

Total transparency. You’ll always
know what your shipper pays.

Instant pay at drop-off.

Get alerts on new truck loads available
matching your fleet.

Paperwork automation for less
admin and more driving.

Exclusively OS/OW and open deck loads.

You’ll only find live, OS/OW and open deck loads on FR8Star.


Updates on loads matching your fleet.

Get instant alerts for loads that fit your lanes, equipment and capacity.


Transparent transactions. Know what the shipper pays.

FR8Star is on your side. Get paid 100% of your bid.


Instant pay at drop-off. Free fuel advances at pickup.

Guaranteed, fuel advances & instant pay when you use Comchek Mobile®.*


100% free. Never pay a fee.

Booking high-quality loads on FR8Star is 100% free for carriers.


Time-saving paperwork automation.

We’ll handle all the paperwork, so you can take back your time.


You don’t have to wait 30 days to get your money. You deliver, you get paid. It makes a person running a smaller company like an owner-operator feel at ease. They pay you right away and it makes you want to grow with them.

Shon Reid, PJ Enterprise Llc.

FR8Star is definitely on top of what they are doing. They know what they are talking about, what the loads were. They weren’t lying to me like most of the brokers do.

Shane, Bowie Trucking Llc.

Transparency that helps you earn more.

Available truck loads tailored to your fleet.

Get alerts on new loads matching your lanes, equipment and capacity with our Load Scanner.

Freight shippers moving oversize, RGNstep deck, hot shot and flatbed loads available on FR8Star.com.

View detailed truck load information before you bid.

Transparency that helps you earn more.

Be in the know – with total transparency and guaranteed fair rates on every transaction, you have the necessary information to do what’s best for your fleet.

Always know what the shipper pays.

Always earn 100% of what you bid.

FR8Star carriers earn an average of 12% or $540 more per load.

Types of truck trailers: Flatbed
Instant pay at drop-off. Fuel advances at pickup. All free.

Instant payout at drop-off with no fees

You’re guaranteed fast, reliable pay and financial perks for all FR8Star loads. See cash in your account when you submit POD and say goodbye to costly factoring fees.

Choose your payout preference

Get paid instantly at drop-off 

Get paid in full upon receipt of POD.

recently shipped FR8Star

Belt Crane

Joy Miner Cutter
Main Body

90,000 lb., 2,113 mi.

RGN Trailer


Joy 12CM12
Cutter Head

45,000 lb., 2,113 mi.

Flatbed Trailer



33,500 lb., 153 mi.

Flatbed Trailer


Belt Crane


66,700 lb., 1,260 mi.

RGN Trailer


Studebaker Water Truck

Studebaker M35
Water Truck

35,000 lb., 854 mi.

Double Drop Trailer


How It Works

Match with a truck load

Receive instant notifications when a new load matches
your lane, equipment, and capacity.
See detailed information on each truck load before
you bid or accept the shipper’s price.

Submit your bid –
Or book instantly on qualifying truck loads

Add in your line haul and click to send
your bid directly to the shipper – Or accept
the shipper’s price to book instantly.

Calculate your costs

Instantly and reliably calculate permit and
third party costs for oversize and overweight loads.

Deliver and get paid

Once you are awarded the load, we’ll manage
the paperwork, connect you with the shipper
and guarantee instant pay at drop off.*

*Payment in full is released immediately upon receipt of POD. Instant pay at and fuel advances are is available only to Comchek Mobile and Comdata Express Code users.
For members not using Comcheck Mobile or Comdata Express Code, bank transfer (ACH) is processed same day and guaranteed to hit your account 5 days of receipt of POD.