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See the true cost to ship your truck freight before you book. Get free, instant freight rate estimates with all third-party costs itemized.


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We handle all paperwork, payments, and coordinate with your chosen carrier, so you don’t have to.

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The FR8Star team of specialized freight experts is by your side every step of the way to ensure smooth transport of your load.

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Tell us about your truck freight – Provide details about what equipment you need shipped, where it is and where it’s going.

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Get a market-rate freight estimate with itemized costs including all permits and third party costs.

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Option 1: Book Shipping: instantly lock-in your shipping rate and FR8Star will match you with a qualified carrier.

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FR8Star makes shipping your freight easy with automated paperwork and payments, freight management tools to manage your shipments and expert support just a call away!

Specialized freight shipping on your terms

One-click access to thousands of flatbed trucking,  heavy haul oversize trucking companies and other specialized freight carriers nationwide qualified to transport your heavy equipment.

4,000+ carriers / 50,000+ trucks

Specialized truck trailers specific to your truck freight

    • Flatbed
    • Hot Shot
    • Landoll
    • Step Deck
    • Double Drop
    • RGN
Find a Flatbed trucking company that is reliable and qualified to handle your freight shipping needs. FR8Star flatbed freight marketplace.

Understand your shipping costs with 100% transparency

Guaranteed fair market freight rates using our freight cost calculator. All-inclusive pricing with itemized estimates including permits for your specialized freight needs.

Free, instant freight estimates before you book or request bids

Itemization of permits and all third-party costs

Know which truck trailer type is right for your freight to generate the most accurate freight estimate

Managing your freight has never been easier

Our time-saving tools and automation take the hassle out of finding specialized freight carriers, including oversize trucking companies to haul your equipment, machinery and other large freight.

Free budgetary planning tools

Automated paperwork management for Sales Orders, Bill of Lading,
Rate Confirmation and Proof of Delivery

Single invoicing for all your specialized trucking shipments

Wide load shipping made easy with the FR8Star freight marketplace.

Anybody that arranges trucking knows that trucking isn’t always dependable. But working with FR8Star is.

Robin Ramsey, Ramsey Machine Service Inc.

 If ever someone told me that they had to move some freight and asked how they could do that, I would say FR8Star.

Terry Lane, Reliant Gases

recently shipped

Studebaker Water Truck

Studebaker M35
Water Truck

35,000 lb., 854 mi.

Double Drop Trailer


Belt Crane


66,700 lb., 1,260 mi.

RGN Trailer



33,500 lb., 153 mi.

Flatbed Trailer


Belt Crane

Joy Miner Cutter
Main Body

90,000 lb., 2,113 mi.

RGN Trailer


Joy 12CM12
Cutter Head

45,000 lb., 2,113 mi.

Flatbed Trailer