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Announcing the FR8Star Heavy Haul Marketplace

We are proud to announce the launch of the FR8Star Heavy Haul Marketplace and would like to invite you to join us as we make the trucking industry more efficient and transparent.

The FR8Star Heavy Haul Marketplace is designed specifically for oversize / overweight shippers and carriers who are looking for a fast and reliable method to estimate costs and facilitate contracts.

By including a heavy haul rate calculator, we are providing oversize / overweight shippers with quick and reliable pricing estimates, optimal shipping routes and the ability to request quotes directly from carriers. Carriers bidding for these loads also have access to the FR8Star rate calculator, so they can submit a competitive and educated quote.

Our team at FR8Star is dedicated to leveling the playing field for all top-notch trucking companies and shippers, regardless of their size and tenure.

We are on a mission to make the trucking industry more efficient and transparent in order to empower shippers and carriers to make more money and reduce costs while continuing to offer a high level of service.

How does the FR8Star Heavy Haul Marketplace work?

Rather than calling around to brokers or carriers, heavy haul shippers simply visit FR8Star,  add the details of their loads (i.e, load origin, destination, weight, and dimensions) and instantly view a cost estimate.

From here, they have the opportunity to request bids directly from carriers. Carriers who meet the shipper’s requirements are invited to bid on the load. Once enough bids have been submitted, the shipper selects a carrier and contracts the load directly through the platform.

Our carriers use the FR8Star fleet management system to manage their fleet, so shippers are always aware of the status of their loads. This real-time tracking and guaranteed customer satisfaction are what sets FR8Star apart from tools of the past.

The FR8Star Heavy Haul Marketplace is an important extension of our fleet management system, which launched in August of last year under and will be transitioning to Soon, we’ll be expanding the marketplace to more categories in the trucking industry.

Service Oriented Marketplaces Are the Right Direction. Here’s Why:

Marketplaces have served an important purpose for centuries. In fact, this type of trade goes all the way back to ancient times. When information is flowing, a marketplace enables buyers and sellers to exchange goods for an agreed upon price. When information stops flowing, however, the market breaks.

This is what has happened in the U.S. truck freight market over the past three decades. Regulation made it difficult to contract loads without brokers. Then the market became enormous and fragmented. Information relating to cost and reliability stopped flowing the way it should.

As a result, most shippers ended up paying more, while carriers got paid less. Intermediaries, who were tasked with the job of finding reliable carriers to move shippers’ loads, often benefited by limiting the flow of information. This, in turn, made the market that much more inefficient.

Marketplaces are a good way to increase transparency, ensure natural pricing competition, and guarantee the flow of information between shippers and carriers. This is why we started FR8Star and it is why we are dedicated to transparency and the smooth flow of accurate information.

Moving Away from the Past

Previous marketplaces haven’t worked as well as shippers and carriers would have liked. While these marketplaces eliminated intermediaries, they failed to account for the fact that these intermediaries often offer an important level of service to both shippers and carriers.

That’s why we designed the FR8Star Heavy Haul Marketplace to be a high-touch marketplace supported by the best service professionals in the industry. We enable shippers and carriers to contract directly with one another while always being there as a trusted resource to both sides and ensure the highest level of service.   

Join Us

We believe the future of the trucking industry rests in the hands of you and your team. We’re simply here to empower you to make it happen.

The trucking industry is being disrupted by technology – there’s no doubt about that – but we think everyone (including consumers, drivers and trucking families) will be better off if shippers and carriers are the ones driving that disruption.

A marketplace works because carriers and shippers invest their time and energy to make it work. The bigger the marketplace network, the better it operates and the more transparent it becomes.

There will be hiccups along the way – and we’ll put every ounce of energy we have into make sure those flaws are quickly corrected.

We’re asking you to take a chance. In return, we’re going to work tirelessly to make sure your company gains value in our product.

It has been an exciting journey serving carriers and shippers and we are eager to continue to make the industry more efficient and transparent.


The FR8Star Team

P.s., More information on our announcement can be found here.


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