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Trucking Industry Employment Stumbles For First Time In 7 Months

For the first time since July, the growing employment numbers for the trucking industry have taken a dive. According to the Department of Labor’s monthly employment report, the for-hire trucking industry lost 1,400 jobs in January. This news comes after the Department of Labor revised December numbers to show 5,000 fewer jobs than previously reported. However, the 1,400 drop in jobs is relatively minor and is most likely a seasonal reduction from the 2016 Year-end freight demand brought on by the holidays. The December spike in hiring created the most employment the for-hire trucking has seen in the last ten years.

The reduced numbers of employment do not follow the national employment trend which saw 227,000 total jobs added to the US economy in January. The fact that the overall employment numbers continue to go up, coupled with the seasonality, leaves many in the industry optimistic.  

With the recent change in the Presidential Administration, many companies and carriers are in a “Wait and see” mode when it comes to hiring until the new administration’s stance on the regulation of the trucking industry has been determined.

2017 Holds a tremendous amount of promise for the trucking industry. The American Trucking Association continues to forecast increases in freight tonnage transported by trucks. That coupled with the driver shortage of 2016, implies that as long as there continues to be an increase in tonnage shipped, there will be a need for drivers enter the trucking industry.

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