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Why Your Fleet Needs Freight Management Software

Why Your Fleet Needs Freight Management Software

Why Your Fleet Needs Freight Management Software

A fleet management system allows your fleet managers, drivers, mechanics, supervisors, vendors and more to collaborate in a central interface. A good fleet management system makes it possible for your drivers to spend less time concerned with fleet operations and more time driving.

Keep trucks rolling with route mapping

Awful traffic, road construction, and inclement weather can create massive headaches for fleet managers and their drivers. A fleet management software program allows you to see real-time driver statuses and ETAs which enable you to know where every load is at all times. By having accurate real-time information on your entire fleet, you’re able to coordinate and cover logistical problems before they occur.

Keep Your Fleet Efficient

There are hundreds of performance metrics that you’re tracking as a fleet manager. Everything from equipment and driver statuses to miles driven to fuel economy. A good fleet management system will allow you to track the performance metrics that matter and use that data to make your company more efficient. The more data points you have, the more informed decisions you can make about the operation of your fleet. Keep your trucks loaded, your drivers active, and your downtime to a minimum.

Keep your drivers and dispatchers happy

What happens when all your fleet data is centralized in a digital fleet management system? Communication. Your dispatchers don’t have to make check calls because both driver and dispatcher can see the same schedule, driving hours, trip route, and truck location. A centralized system also allows drivers to instantly share load documents to speed up the invoice process and get paid sooner. Everyone stays on the same page and confusion is reduced or eliminated. Dispatchers only have to worry about getting loads and drivers only have to worry about delivering them.

Reduce costs, increase profits, and improve fleet productivity.

It costs almost as much to run an empty load as it does a full one. If your fleet is racking up empty return trips and deadhead miles, it can severely impact your bottom line. A good fleet management system allows your dispatchers to easily access, search, and invoice backhauls and to connect with brokers who can help you keep your trucks loaded and minimize wasted miles.
Many fleet management systems are integrating with loadboard and freight

Stay in control, even when everything is changing.

There are many ways that the best-laid plans and schedules can run amuck. Traffic slows drivers, trucks break down, loading docks take too long, and drivers get pulled over for routine inspections.
When schedules and plans break down, a fleet management system provides your business with a reliable, efficient, and easy way to pivot and take control which gets your fleet back on the road.

Do you have a fleet management system? FR8Star helps solve all of the major issues listed above along with many others. If you’re looking for a fleet management system that reduces your operating costs, increases your backloads, and makes fleet administration simple, drop us a line! We’d love to help you improve the efficiency of your operation.




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