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A Salute to the History of Trucks at The LeMay-America’s Car Museum

Although the trucking industry has changed in many ways over the years, there’s a lot of joy to be had by looking at the past.

The LeMay-America’s Car Museum, located in Tacoma, Washington, is one of the best places to learn more about the history and evolution of trucks.

Go back in time to the early to mid-1900’s and the trucking industry was nothing like what you see today. Even so, it played a big part in the growth of U.S. commerce. And that’s exactly what the museum’s “Tools of the Trade – Powering the Working Class” exhibit is all about.

The exhibit, complete with 15 trucks that many people have never seen before, is a sight to be seen. From bread trucks to paddy wagons to a variety of specialty trucks, many of the most popular vehicles from the first part of the 20th century are on display.

A Look at the Past

Visitors to the LeMay-America’s Car Museum enjoy this particular exhibit for many reasons, including the fact that it takes them back to a simpler time.

Furthermore, these vehicles give people a true feel for just how far automotive technology has come over the years. It goes without saying that none of these trucks have GPS systems, power locks, and other modern features.

Some of the more interesting trucks on display include the 1929 Ford Model AA 1-ton dump truck and 1929 ACME Model 17.

None are as popular as the 1907 Kennett, with this one of a kind vehicle giving visitors an inside look at just how far the industry has come. With wood wheels, an open air cabin, and room for six, this is nothing like what you see on the road today.

Scot Keller, curator of exhibitry at the Lemay-ACM, added the following in an article for Trucks.com:

“The inspiration really came from our desire to have a lot of variety in our exhibits. You may see one or two of these vehicles at a car show, but to have this number in this variety is quite outstanding.”

The history of the trucking industry has gone a long way in developing what we see today. It’s our goal to continue making history in the future!



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