How To Use FR8Star’s Load Board

Freight bidding platforms aren’t always known for being easy to use or providing transparent and detailed information about potential leads. Load board complexities such as these can result in spending more time and effort to bid on loads, and can introduce risk and confusion on trucking bids. That isn’t the case with FR8Star.



FR8Star’s marketplace not only brings together shippers with high-value, heavy-haul loads with carriers and transport companies, it also provides transport companies with an easy-to-use load board where they can filter loads based on key details like location, distance, and weight. Let’s take a look at how to bid on loads and equipment to haul using FR8Star’s load board.

Your Freight Filter

FR8Star’s load board makes it simple to find the exact type of loads you want to bid on. Just use the  drop-down filters to select your preferred lane or trailer type, which lets you quickly weed out loads that don’t match your hauling preferences. You also can filter by location (including specific states and mileage ranges within a specific ZIP code), distance (minimum or maximum mileage), and weight. The latter can be especially useful for haulers with only lighter weight trailers—or for transport companies or carriers who are looking specifically for high-value, heavy haul freight.

FR8Star Estimate Technology

FR8Star’s Freight Rate Calculator factors in the load information provided and estimates the cost based on freight size, permit requirements, and other factors. Carriers and transport companies can also adjust the formula based on current mileage costs and market forces, allowing transport companies to create instant rates that can be shown to the shipper before bidding even starts.

The Bidding Process

After filtering the loads to match your interests and selecting one to bid on, haulers can look over the load information, as well as the estimated cost to transport the load based on the FR8Star Freight Rate Calculator. From there, you can enter your bid and include a pickup and delivery date range. Bid expiration dates and times, as well as a notes section, help transport companies to provide bids with complete transparency. You can even strike up a conversation with the customer using the messaging system, or contact the customer directly if you’re a Pro Subscription user.

What The Shipper Sees

Once your bid is submitted, the shipper receives your all-inclusive bid, as well as those from other transport companies and carriers. The shipper can review the details you’ve added about your company, see the number of loads you’ve hauled using FR8Star, and message you directly if they have additional questions. Shippers can book at their own convenience and are able to accept your bid at any time before the bid expires (a date and time you set). If accepted, FR8Star connects you with the shipper to immediately begin the hauling process.

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