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Hot Shot Trucking

Hot Shot Freight: On-Demand & Time-Sensitive Transport

Hot shot trucking is an excellent hauling option when you need express delivery. Typical hot shot freight is often an individual machine, raw materials, or cargo critical to productivity and maintaining service, such as equipment or parts vital to completing construction and agriculture jobs. By enlisting the services of a hot shot trucker, companies can avoid costly downtime and receive the desperately needed products in the fastest manner possible. FR8Star streamlines the process of finding drivers of all kinds, including those who specialize in hot shot trucking. With a network of reputable drivers boasting the right trucks and trailers, FR8Star is a fast and secure way to find an operator who can haul the hot shot load at a moment’s notice.

Rapid Response

While many hot shot truck drivers work locally or regionally, some are licensed to cross state lines or even deliver loads across the country. They have experience hauling heavy machinery like a wheel loader or excavator, as well as the equipment to transport other express loads, such as produce for restaurants, an RV, or a boat. Still, it’s important to contact them before enlisting their services. For example, you might want to check if the driver has the right equipment to maintain temperatures when hauling biotech or kitchen-fresh food. Or if the transportation company is flexible enough to provide last-mile delivery of construction site-related materials. FR8Star makes it easy to communicate with transport companies to see if they are right for your specialized freight.

Hot Shot Truck & Trailer Types

The expediated nature of hot shot trucking means that haulers are often dealing with less-than-truckload shipments. Many hot shot trucks are Class 3 to Class 6 medium-duty trucks ranging from 10,001 to 26,000 pounds (roughly 4,500 to 11,800 kilograms), though you might also work with commercial logistics providers with big rigs who are looking to fill out loads along a route. Because hot shot jobs are often smaller loads, it’s important the driver has as much information as possible about the load to choose the right type of trailer for cost-effective transport.

Use FR8Star To Find Hot Shot Truckers

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