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FR8Star streamlines the process of finding drivers of all kinds, including those who specialize in excavator transport. FR8Star does this by offering shippers access to its network of reputable drivers with the right trucks and trailers for the job at hand.

Best Practices For Harvest Equipment Shipping

Although harvest equipment is often driven short distances on public roads, combines and associated equipment—headers, drapers, auger platforms, and other crop pickup machines—aren’t designed for highway use. That makes transport over long distances a challenge. The significant size and weight of modern harvest equipment also means that haulers will need to adhere to all local and state laws when moving equipment on highways and interstates.


Regardless of the harvest equipment’s size and weight, FR8Star is ready to connect you with qualified transport companies and drivers with extensive experience transporting heavy machinery. When shipping harvest equipment, consider the following when selecting a hauler and preparing it for shipping.

Choose A Transport Method For Your Harvest Equipment

A flatbed trailer is a good option for shipping headers, drapers, and other implements, but modern combines often exceed state dimension regulations and therefore require special permits to haul. Combine weight might also prove a problem, as the heavy machinery may require a trailer with greater axle capacity to legally haul the combine. Expert haulers often opt to use an RGN (removable gooseneck) trailer to haul combines. This type of trailer’s clearance can help to transport tall combines that exceed height regulations.


Some trailer manufacturers also offer combine trailers built specifically to handle the increased weight and size of modern combines. In addition to having a heavy-duty frame, combine trailers are designed to balance the combine’s load, while extendable carrying beds help to support conventional combine lengths.


Before selecting a trailer, it’s best to know the key transport specs, including the height, width, and weight of the load. It’s also smart to consult local or state officials for regulations on hauling equipment with those specs.

Get Your Harvest Equipment Ready For Shipping

Hauling harvest equipment is a much simpler process when the machine is properly prepared for shipping in advance. To start, move the auger into its transport position—check your operator’s manual for specific instructions. Next, empty the crop tanks to reduce weight and lower the center of gravity during transport. If the header or draper is wider than the combine, it’s also a good idea to remove these and haul them separately.


Once the combine is on the trailer, make certain to fasten and block each drive wheel using chocks. Some combine trailers might also feature built-in wheel wells made to accommodate a combine’s wide tires and faster the wheels. Haulers delivering the combine straight to the farm should also make sure to watch out for narrow roads and bridges, as well as low-clearance overpasses and power lines on low-volume roads.

Choose A Transport Method For Your Harvest Equipment

Once you have chosen your preferred mode of transport and your harvest equipment is prepared for the journey, you can rely on FR8Star to provide you with free hauling estimates—usually in less than 30 seconds. FR8Star gives you access to a network of qualified transport companies with expertise in shipping equipment, containers, freight, and other types of loads. You can then compare transport companies and bids to find the right option for you.

FR8Star transport companies are experienced experts that maintain their own reliable transport company and truck networks. All broker companies on FR8Star are bonded by freight broker bond BMC-84/BMC-85, and all carriers on FR8Star provide proper USDOT registration and insurance documentation. For shippers, the experience provides valuable peace of mind for your harvest equipment, while the open marketplace saves you hours of work contacting transport companies and comparing bids.

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