Freight Forwarders

If you need to ship an item overseas and you don’t already have an established network to do so, then you’ll want to enlist the help of a freight forwarder to safely get your item to its destination. Freight forwarders have extensive experience with various forms of shipping, including maritime transport and heavy haul trucking. They also have the necessary connections in the United States and abroad to ensure your freight is always in trustworthy, reliable hands.

Take Advantage Of Hassle-Free Overseas Shipping

A key advantage of working with freight forwarders is that they typically handle everything related to documentation, which can easily become a headache for a shipper or dealer who doesn’t have experience with overseas shipping. Examples of necessary documents may include invoices, certificates of origin, bills of lading, and occasionally packing lists, although those typically aren’t necessary for heavy equipment.

From there, freight forwarders can determine the best transport companies to get your truck, tractor, dozer, or any other piece of equipment across the United States, to a port, across the ocean, and then back to dry land on its way to its final destination. And all you need is a FR8Star account!

Expand Your Reach

For equipment dealers, and sellers in general, FR8Star now provides the dual benefit of providing cost-effective domestic shipping as well as competitively priced overseas shipping. Dealers that are already taking advantage of the shipping options provided by FR8Star to expand their reach in the United States can now extend that out to the rest of the world, all with the help of FR8Star and its network for qualified freight forwarders.

Let FR8Star Help

Whether you’re a longtime FR8Star user or you’re coming to the service for the first time, the addition of overseas shipping is an exciting development. And, fortunately, it doesn’t change the fundamental way that the service works.

You simply enter all relevant information about your cargo, including accurate dimensions, pickup and drop-off locations, etc., and then submit your load. You will then receive all-in bids from freight forwarders or transport companies, depending on your needs.

From there, you can compare transport companies and freight forwarders based on tier ratings, customer reviews, and more to find the right one for you. FR8Star facilitates the introduction, and then you work with your company of choice to finalize the details and ship your item. With FR8Star, it couldn’t be easier to transport heavy loads domestically, and now internationally!

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