Forklift Transport

FR8Star is here to connect you with qualified transport companies and drivers who possess extensive experience in forklift transport services. Here are some tips and guidance on what to expect as you get your forklift ready for the move.

Best Practices For Transporting Forklifts

Forklifts are valuable additions to many jobsites, lifting and moving materials with precision and efficiency. And while forklifts have proven time and again to be exceptional at transporting materials, the machines themselves aren’t particularly well-suited for transport, lacking both legal means and necessary speed to traverse normal roadways. In addition operating weights that can easily top 10,000 pounds (with much of that weight residing in the rear for counterbalance), forklifts have awkward dimensions and can face difficulties on ramps and inclines greater than 10%.

Telescopic forklift

Choose A Transport Method

Whether transporting a warehouse forklift, pallet jack, or rough-terrain forklift, you’ll want to start by checking the machine’s rated operating weight—a different number than the rated loading capacity. From there, you can select a trailer with ramps, floors, and axles that will support the heavy point of contact. Many trailer manufacturers offer specialty trailers for transporting forklifts; these feature a low loading point and heavy-duty ramps to safely accommodate loading and unloading procedures.


Haulers typically back the forklift onto the trailer so that the forks point to the rear, preventing the forks from potentially penetrating the truck cabin in the event of a collision. Once the forklift is loaded on the trailer, sturdy chocks must be used to prevent accidental movement. Next, the forklift must be safely secured to the trailer using chains to the tiedowns. The tiedown system should secure to at least four anchor points on the forklift—one at each corner of the machine.

Get Your Forklift Ready For Shipping

With the forklift on the trailer, haulers generally opt to lower the forks to the floor and tilt them forward. It’s also a good idea to disconnect the power or fuel supply. For example, on a propane-powered forklift, you can close the line valve and remove the propane tank. On electric-powered models, you can disconnect the battery. With diesel and gas forklifts, it’s best to have an empty fuel tank.


Find The Right Transport Company With FR8Star

Once you have determined the preferred mode of transport and the forklift is prepared for the trip, you can rely on FR8Star to provide you with free hauling estimates, often in less than 30 seconds. These qualified transport companies are certain to have access to the appropriate trailer, as well as the expertise to move forklifts. FR8Star’s network of transport companies also compete for your bid, so you can compare transport companies and their bids to find the right option for you. For shippers, the experience provides valuable peace of mind for your forklift, while the open marketplace saves you hours of work contacting transport companies and comparing bids.

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