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If you need to move heavy equipment or other freight with large or awkward dimensions, flatbed transport with FR8Star is the solution for you.

Shipping Services For Flatbed Transport

Flatbed transport is a popular method of shipping due to its versatility and convenience. Manufacturers, construction companies, homebuilders and farmers all require equipment, materials and machinery to get the job done. FR8Star is a marketplace that makes it easy to transport specialized freight by connecting those who need to transport freight via flatbed and other types of open deck trailers with qualified carriers. Before we dive into the reasons why FR8Star offers access to the best flatbed transport companies and makes shipping easier, let’s go over flatbed transport and what goes into flatbed rates.

Reasons to Choose Flatbed Transport Services

Unlike traditional warehouses, construction sites and farms don’t have loading docks, which makes unloading and loading freight difficult for enclosed trailers like dry vans. Flatbed shipping services make it easy to load and unload freight thanks to its open deck. This allows forklifts and cranes to access the flatbed freight from the sides of the trailer. Trailers vary in length but most standard flatbed trailers are 48′ or 53′ and capable of transporting freight within that range without requiring permits. Demand for flatbed services has steadily increased due in large part to rising domestic production, infrastructure upgrades and construction demands. However, the amount of available drivers and flatbed transportation carriers has struggled to keep pace.

Flatbed Shipping Rates

Flatbed Rates are determined based on a variety of market factors. The area where the freight is transported to and from, diesel prices, the weight and dimensions, as well as the number of available trucks, all have a role in determining the flatbed rate. Currently, the market is experiencing an incremental increase in shipping rates in large part due to the lack of carrier capacity. Recently, there’s been much debate about the supply of available trucks. According to The American Trucking Association (ATA), the truck driver shortage is around 50,000 drivers and that number could triple in the next decade. The apparent shortage of available trucks is making booking a flatbed carrier increasingly difficult for shippers. Consequently, traditional freight brokers (the middle-men of the shipping deal) can’t set an accurate shipping rate because the competition to book a truck has increased. Having a vast network of carriers, like the thousands on FR8Star, allows shippers exposure that other freight brokers don’t have. This leads to a greater opportunity to book flatbed freight at the best rate with FR8Star. Generally speaking, flatbed rates peak in the summer months when more construction is taking place nationwide. When the weather is colder and there is less construction, especially in the Northeast. Typically, flatbed rates ten to be 10-15 percent lower in the winter months compared to summer.

Importance of Accurate Dimensions for Flatbed Shipping Rates

As we mentioned early, dimensions and weight play a critical role in determining a flatbed rate. The maximum flatbed load height is 8’5″ – anything higher would require a step deck trailer with a lower profile in order to avoid paying for permits on an oversize flatbed load. This is why every inch matters when measuring freight to be transported. Complications and additional charges can arrise if cargo is shipped claiming to be under 8’5″ but then end up being 8’9″ when measured during a DOT inspection.

FR8Star Flatbed Transport vs. Freight Brokers

Flatbed services that are dependable and have transparent pricing are hard to come by. Too often freight brokers quote flatbed rates at a seemingly low amount only to add fees and increase the rate while they scramble to find flatbed carriers. That’s not the case with FR8Star. FR8Star has a network of over 4,000 flatbed transportation carriers that are qualified to transport flatbed freight. They are the best flatbed trucking companies with the ability to cater to your flatbed transport needs. FR8Star flatbed rates generally average between $2.75 – $3.50 per mile. Our freight rates are based on live market data, the trailer type (flatbed in this case) as well as any permits required if a load is oversize. Our accurate flatbed rate calculator provides you with the most transparent shipping rates. Get an instant flatbed rate to transport your freight with oversize permits and third-party costs itemized (if applicable). We automate all of your documents and handle payment processing so you can focus on managing your freight in our easy to use dashboard. Book flatbed shipping in less than 2 minutes with qualified FR8Star flatbed transportation carriers today!
Flatbed transport with all-inclusive flatbed rate breakdown. Thousands of flatbed transportation carriers with FR8Star.
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