Flatbed Transport

FR8Star is here to connect you with qualified transport companies and drivers who possess extensive experience in flatbed transport services. Here are some tips and guidance on what to expect as you get your shipment ready for the move.

What You Need To Know About Flatbed Transport Services

Flatbed transport services are popular, especially because they’re often perfect for hauling irregularly shaped cargo. Flatbed trailers, a category that may also include lowboys, extendable trailers, and drop decks, among other types, are ideal for transporting ag machinery, construction equipment, large vehicles, and other loads that don’t fit into a traditional dry van or box trailer. Read on to learn more about flatbed transport services and how FR8Star can connect you with the right transport company for your specific load.

Flatbed trailer hauling a load
New tractor on a flatbed trailer, being delivered by a semi truck.

Common Flatbed Trailer Load Types

The use of flatbed trailers is widespread, particularly for delivering equipment and materials to farms, construction sites, mining operations, and other destinations where oversized and unusually shaped equipment is essential. As with curtain side trailers, flatbeds facilitate quick loading and unloading from either side, rather than having to load and unload through a rear door. That makes flatbeds well-suited to haul anything from building supplies and palletized loads to excavators, tractors, and larger vehicles that might not otherwise fit on a car carrier, among many other examples. However, the height, width, and weight of a load are all factors in finding the right flatbed transport service.

How To Use A Flatbed Transport Service

When working with a flatbed transport service, it’s important to provide accurate dimensions to ensure the load doesn’t exceed legal limits or require a special permit. For example, in Nebraska, loads measuring less than 8.5 feet in width, 14.5 feet in height, and 53 feet in length (for a standard semi-trailer) don’t require special permits, and neither do loads with a gross weight of less than 80,000 pounds, although there are some exceptions.


For loads that exceed any of those parameters, a permit and possibly an escort may be required. However, it may be possible to use a drop deck trailer if the load comes in under the maximum height restriction. Whatever the load, taking accurate measurements beforehand, securing any necessary permits, and ensuring that the load complies with local and interstate laws will prevent delays and other problems later on.


Note that load measurements also impact the cost of shipping. While the cost of fuel, truck availability, and other factors fluctuate, the weight and dimensions of the load typically play the largest part in determining cost.

Find The Right Transport Company With FR8Star

When you’re ready to book your load with a flatbed transport service, FR8Star is here to help. At FR8Star.com, you can enter all of the relevant information for your load, submit your request, and receive free estimates in as little as 30 seconds. Compare qualified transport companies from FR8Star’s trusted network, pick the right one for you, and then work out all the details with the transport company to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.  

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