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FR8Star’s Flatbed Load Board offers powerful tooling and leads.

Powerful Load Board

  • Quickly filter and sort to find the exact loads you are looking for
  • Messaging system enables quick and easy communication with shippers
  • Shipper verifies dimensions prior to bid acceptance, so there are no surprises
  • Chat feature connects  you with a FR8Star support specialist any time you need help
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Average Line Haul Rates This Month

High-paying, quality hot shot loads derived from AuctionTime, Machinery Trader, TractorHouse and Truck Paper.

Hotshot loads: $1.76 per mile

RGN (heavy haul): $4.18 per mile

Flatbed: $2.25 per mile

Stepdeck: $2.40 per mile

Partial Half: $1.49 per mile

Flatbed Trailer Uses

Flatbed trailers are among the most common types of trailer transportation due to their convenient open-deck design. With no sides, top, or rear enclosures, flatbeds provide valuable versatility for transporting oddly shaped and taller loads, such as oversized farm and construction equipment and attachments. The open-deck design also provides flexibility for loading and unloading, as this can be done from all sides, or from above, using forklifts and cranes.

About Flatbed Trailers

Flatbeds are typically 8.5 feet wide and 48 to 53 feet long, although extendable stretch versions are available for hauling longer loads. Flatbeds can accommodate cargo capacities up to about 48,000 pounds and load heights up to 8.5 feet high. Exceeding these limits may require obtaining permits, although opting for a step deck trailer, which can handle loads up to 10 feet tall, is an option. FR8Star has a network of thousands of flatbed transportation companies available, with rates based on cargo weight, dimensions, shipping destination, fuel prices, and various market factors.

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