Female truck drivers have a tremendous opportunity as the need for truck drivers expands.
The need for truck drivers is reaching all-time highs as production continues to grow while driver capacity shrinks. It’s a scenario that has provided an opportunity for more female truck drivers to join the male-dominated industry.

Females In Trucking

Female truck driver made up about 7 percent of truck drivers in 2017 according to the National Transportation Institue, a mere 1 percent increase from the prior year. Although the growth hasn’t been significant, the push to bring more women into trucking is in full-force. The Women in Trucking Association and it’s president, Ellen Voie, led a truck ride-along in Wisconsin to help educate women on the nuances of being a female truck driver. “They can make the same amount of money as a man because the steering wheel doesn’t have any idea who’s holding it, so it doesn’t matter your age or your ethnicity or your race or whatever, so we’re really pointing out the fact that there’s a lot of jobs right now in the trucking industry and we need to fill those seats, so women can do it,” said Ellen Voie, President and CEO of Women in Trucking in an interview with ABC. She continued to elaborate that women can do the job of being a trucker, they just’ don’t realize it. “They don’t know how much the industry has changed, the equipment’s changed, the technology and how easy it is too. It’s not as labor intensive as it was years ago,” Voie said.”

My Reality 20/20: A Hidden America – Female Truck Drivers

Trucking is not for the faint of heart. Being on the road for weeks or months is not only a major sacrifice, it’s a major liability. Male or female, being a truck driver is the most dangerous job in America, with 852 job-related deaths last year. Diane Sawyer of ABC spent time with female truck drivers and their stories. The report highlights the challenges facing hard-working truck drivers including safety and the struggle for some to make ends meet.

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