Hot shot trucker with CAT skid steer on trailer
The ever-growing FR8Star carrier community is a dedicated group of open deck drivers, owner-operators, dispatchers and fleet owners working to move equipment, machinery and other large freight. They are the ones that keep America rolling!

What’s Driveline Transport?

Driveline Transport in Lithonia, Georgia is a family run operation specializes in hot shot loads. Shadra oversees the dispatch, paperwork, and accounting for the operation, while her husband, Alvin, drives the truck. Her son is the owner of the family transport business. Alvin spent time driving a bus for Greyhound before eventually finding his way into trucking. He loves the fact that hot shot trucking provides him his independence on the road – an opportunity to answer to the beat of his own drum.

How Has FR8Star Helped Driveline Transport?

Shadra received an email introduction to FR8Star and decided to give it a try when they transitioned from primarily hauling vehicles to more complicated and lucrative loads such as equipment, metals, and lumber. Working with FR8Star is nothing like a traditional freight broker and Shadra’s experience with FR8Star has been nothing short of great. But you don’t have to take our word for it. “Let me tell you something, I have nothing but rave reviews. I love everyone at FR8Star and they are always professional,” Shadra said. Shadra explains one instance in particular when a shipper supplied incorrect information about a wide load resulting in an incorrect permit being purchased by Driveline Transport. “It was not FR8Star’s fault. Guess what, FR8Star reimbursed me for the wrong permit anyway, who does that? Brokers are all about money and that told me FR8Star was more interested in service. Landstar should take note.”

Favorite FR8Star Features

Each morning, Shadra goes to the FR8Star marketplace to look for loads to book. Her favorite features are the rate calculator detailing permits and the pictures have proven really helpful. For Shadra, the document management tools offered by FR8Star have been a lifesaver. “You have a dedicated spot to upload the POD and all your other documents,” Shadra said. “What’s wonderful is that FR8Star sends a BOL that other brokers typically wouldn’t and expected you to handle it.” Although Lithonia means the “city of stone” this family-run operation is far from a rolling stone. “I almost want to keep FR8Star all to myself, but I do refer them. Our niece Karessa has her own trucking company, J&K Transport, and we’ve already recommended her and she’s using FR8Star as well,” Shadra said. It truly is a family affair with Driveline Transport.

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