“About 75% or more of our business now comes directly from FR8Star”


FR8Star grew from the idea that transporting heavy equipment shouldn’t be a hassle. And while shippers definitely benefit from the streamlined connection to specialized transportation companies, many brokers and carriers have gained lifelong clients by providing the best possible experience.

Logistics is a perfect example of a broker whose customer service and stellar reputation has translated to an influx of clients and substantial growth. In fact, 98% of customers who’ve booked HMH Logistics through FR8Star say they wouldn’t use anyone else.

“About 75% or more of our business now comes directly from FR8Star,” says Craig Huffman, manager of HMH Logistics. “We get a lot of repeat business through FR8Star, and we continue to book return clients through FR8Star because the marketplace is so easy to use.”

For HMH Logistics, partnering with FR8Star has been a key growth strategy. “Our relationship with FR8Star has allowed us to grow our business faster than I would have ever thought possible,” explains Craig.

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