Dump Truck Transport

Regardless of a dump truck’s size and weight, FR8Star is here to connect you with qualified transport companies and drivers with extensive experience transporting heavy machinery. When shipping a dump truck, consider the following when selecting a hauler and preparing it for shipping.

Best Practices For Shipping A Dump Truck

Because large dump trucks, such as many articulated dump trucks designed for off-highway use, can’t legally operate on the public roads, it’s necessary for contractors and construction companies to haul the machines on trailers from jobsite to jobsite. Over long distances, many street legal dump trucks are also typically transported by trailer because the fuel economy of these powerful machines is poor, and gross vehicle weight, axle loading, and width limitations complicate and limit transportation.

Dump truck on the highway

Choose A Transport Method

Flatbed trailers are good for shipping standard dump trucks (that is, models with a dump chassis lifted by a hydraulic ram between the cab and the truck body), but the size and length of transfer dump trucks, side dump trucks, and off-highway models typically preclude the use of a flatbed. Many haulers opt to use a lowboy or removable gooseneck (RGN) trailer, although the exact type will depend on the dump truck’s length and configuration. The primary benefit of using a lowboy or RGN is that the trailer’s greater clearance can help transport dump trucks that exceed dimension regulations.equipment, such as wheel loaders, excavators, skid steers, forklifts, and other heavy machinery; construction site-related materials; agricultural equipment; and much more. Most drivers in the hot shot trucking world are experienced at hauling a variety of load types, but it’s important to vet them thoroughly before enlisting their services.

If you are shipping end dump trailers or belly dump trailers, which are dump truck styles built onto a two- or three-axle trailer, you might be able to use a drive away service. This entails someone driving the dump trailer to your destination. Weigh all of your considerations, because one drawback of using a drive away service is that it usually adds additional mileage and wear and tear during transport.

Prepare Your Dump Truck For Shipping

Dump trucks, especially the off-highway variety, tend to attract debris during operation. Before shipping, clean off any large pieces of dirt and other loose cargo that may fall or blow from the dump truck. The sheer size and weight of many dump trucks also means that any transport company must adhere to all local and state law when moving the truck. It’s important, then, that you provide as much information as possible about the size and weight of the dump truck to help transport companies get the proper documentation.

Dump truck at a job site
Transporting a dump truck

Get It Shipped With FR8Star

Once you have chosen your preferred mode of transport and your dump truck is prepared for the journey, you can rely on FR8Star to provide you with free hauling estimates in less than 30 seconds. FR8Star gives you access to a network of qualified transport companies with expertise in shipping heavy equipment, containers, freight, and other types of loads. You can then compare transport companies and bids to find the right option for you.

Use FR8Star To Find Dump Truck Transporters

FR8Star transport companies are experienced experts that maintain their own reliable carrier and truck networks. All brokers on FR8Star are bonded by freight broker bond BMC-84/BMC-85, and all carriers on FR8Star provide proper USDOT registration and insurance documentation. For shippers, the experience provides valuable peace of mind for your dump truck, while the open marketplace saves you hours of work contacting transport companies and comparing bids.

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