Drive Away Transport

An auto drive away service offers drivers for hire, specifically to move a vehicle from point A to point B.

How Drive Away Services Work

An auto drive away service offers drivers for hire, specifically to move a vehicle from point A to point B. For example, if you’ve just purchased a car, truck, or RV a few states away, you could pay a service to furnish a responsible person with the necessary license to drive it to its destination. A drive away service is an alternative to driving it home yourself—possibly incurring airfare and hotel accommodation costs—or paying a hauler to transport it.


Drive away services have selling points and drawbacks, just like any other transportation option.

Advantages. One advantage of the drive away model is a lower cost than transportation via trailer. Another is faster delivery: Unlike a hauler with a trailer, a drive away driver won’t be stopping off along the route to pick up and drop off other freight. Also, with a dedicated driver, your vehicle won’t be grouped with others, which can slow down the shipping process. Motorhomes, in particular, are well-suited for drive away services.


Potential downsides include additional mileage for your vehicle, not to mention wear and tear, which depend on the distance the car, truck, or RV is to be driven. Price and time can also be a factor if you have multiple units to transport, as a drive away service might have to bring in additional drivers from other locations to accommodate two or more vehicles.

Do Your Homework

The cost of drive away is often a flat rate plus reimbursement for fuel expenses. On FR8Star, any bid you receive will be all-inclusive, meaning all costs are accounted for in the bid you award.

You’ll want to research the reputations of each service, including any credible reviews, and ask in advance about any concerns you may have. Look into their requirements for their drivers, such as a minimum age or whether they’ve had to put up collateral against failing to complete the delivery.

Once you’ve narrowed your search down to a few drive away services, request copies of their insurance certificates and be sure you understand the amount and extent of their liability and property damage coverage. All FR8Star bidders are insured and bonded. You may opt to buy temporary drive away insurance for the vehicle’s road home.

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Get The Best Rate At FR8Star

When you’re ready to find a drive away service, FR8Star makes it easy to get fast, free estimates. You can then compare bids, find the one that fits your requirements and timeframe, and get the best possible rate.

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