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Best Practices For Shipping Cranes By Truck

If your crane isn’t a self-contained “taxi” model able to be driven to its destination, you’ll need the services of one or more trucks and trailers to haul it, along with its boom extensions and counterweights. However, that may be easier said than done, especially if it requires an oversize load or wide load permit. Also, larger tower cranes may require a dozen trailers or more to carry all of their components.


Fortunately, FR8Star is here to help. This free service gives you access to a network of qualified transport companies with expertise in shipping cranes and other heavy equipment. Its network of conscientious transport companies will streamline the process and eliminate the guesswork. Still, there are several considerations to keep in mind before you book a hauler to ship your crane.

Prepare Your Crane For Transport

FR8Star drivers with crane-hauling experience will use the dimensions you provide to find the right trailer(s) for the job. Thus, it’s critical to supply them with accurate measurements of your crane and its components when stowed for transport. Trailers commonly used for shipping cranes and related parts are lowboys, flatbeds, drop deck trailers, and gooseneck trailers. Note that FR8Star can also supply a driver to take a fully mobile taxi crane where it needs to go.


A major consideration when shipping cranes and components are their height on the trailer(s). Anything over 13.5 feet tall will require a permit for transport. Width is also important, because anything wider than 8.5 feet will require an oversize load permit, and anything wider than 12 feet will require escort vehicles. It’s important to follow the crane manufacturer’s instructions on fully stowing or disassembling the machine. There may be specific practices for reducing the height of specific components, such as by folding the jib a certain way or removing tall exhaust components.


Strap down any items that could come loose during transport, and remove any personal belongings from the crane’s cab and storage compartments. Ensure that any hatches, windows, and doors are closed and properly secured. If any glass will face forward in the direction of travel, it’s a good idea to protect it from debris. Also, if the weather forecast predicts adverse conditions, work with the hauler to prepare accordingly and minimize the risk of damage.


Finally, make sure that the driver(s) use the crane’s intended strapdown points to strap or chain it in place. Most haulers will send you photos of the loaded machine at both the beginning and endpoint of the journey, but don’t be afraid to take your own pics to document the crane’s condition before it is driven away.

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